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Homer safe for now?

Guest pilldoc

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He mishandled Jagr and Carle, he's overpaid for how many players now?? Bryzgalov, Briere, Talbot, Timonen... His band-aids don't work (Foster, Gervais) he's pissed off other GM's with the Weber offer, failed to land Parise or Suter... Has no goaltending or defenseman prospects of note, and drafts a center regardless of team needs or even whom the best talent is available at the time...

He's made good moves in landing Giroux, Couturier, both Schenn's and Read... Simmonds... And Grossman...

Every GM has pro's and con's.. They're human after all. But having said that, I have a hard time picturing the Flyers as champions as long as this guy is your GM.

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Personally, I think Homer is safe for now... and then some. I suspect he has been very close to exactly the GM Snider wanted him to be (aggressive). He stole Coburn from Atlanta. He basically turned a broken down Forsberg into Hartnell and Timonen. He got an excellent haul for Carter and Richards, setting the team up for the future. Snider isn't going to blame him for signing Bryzgalov, or trading for Pronger.

The only guy that can fire the GM is the owner, and if the owner isn't unhappy with the team the GM has assembled there's no reason for him to even think about firing the GM. And I doubt Snider has even thought about firing Holmgren.

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Homer tried and couldn't land the big ufas and the likes of carle and jagr went else where. He doesn't want to trade youth so this is what we got until the deadline and then at the draft.

Which is exactly what many on this forum want the GM to do, stay put with the youth. Extending logic, the same people should be happy Homer is doing exactly that.

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