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Please tell me this is an April Fool's joke..the Flyers can't be serious..or can they?

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  1. 1. Should Flyers re-acquire Jaromir Jagr?

    • YES! - Just what the Flyers need
    • NO! - Walk away Homer...walk away
    • MAYBE? -only if the price is right and the Flyers sent Gervais & Foster to Dallas! :)

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Should Flyers re-acquire Jaromir Jagr?

POSTED: Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 12:15 PM

While the NHL’s general managers convene for their annual meeting in Toronto on Wednesday, the most interesting thing is not that they are discussing the state of the game, and perhaps the possibility of adding a coach’s challenge.

It’s the fact that all 30 of them are crammed into one boardroom two weeks before the trade deadline.

The Flyers are likely not considering any foundation-shaking trades - such as moving a key, young piece - before the April 3 deadline, but a minor move may be in order.

One name which has been circulating through the rumor mill is Jaromir Jagr.

Could the Flyers possibly target re-acquiring Jagr from Dallas?

Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk is in a tough spot. The Stars (13-12-3) awoke in 11th place on Wednesday, but they’re only a point back of a playoff spot. The problem is that even 14th place Calgary is just four points back of one, too. There’s a logjam between 8th and 14th - and the Stars need to decide where they fall.

Most teams would be interested in Brenden Morrow and Derek Roy, two potential unrestricted free agents in July. Jagr, though, may be able to help a playoff-bound team just as much as a rental.

Jagr, now 41, has 18 points in 27 games. He’s cooled considerably, going without a point in four straight. Dallas loves what Jagr has provided in their young, impressionable locker room - particularly with burgeoning All-Star Jamie Benn.

His situation is not all that different. Jagr plays alongside Benn, who could be like Claude Giroux, and he’s mentoring another young Czech player in Tomas Vincour, like he did with Jake Voracek.

He has enjoyed Dallas - his first stop in the Western Conference during his Hall of Fame career - and is living in a hotel near the Stars’ practice facility in Frisco, Texas.

On his 41st birthday, Jagr was asked if he was considering retirement. He answered by saying he’d continue to play as long as he could in the NHL, equating his love of the game to marriage.

“Would you have imagined you’re going to stay with your wife that long?” Jagr told the Dallas Morning News. “Well, you love her. You’re going to stay with her as long as you can. If you don’t, there’s no reason to be with her. It’s the same thing with hockey for me. I just love the game.”

Jagr will consider re-signing there, but wants to wait and see in the summer - much like he did with the Flyers before jetting to Dallas for $4.5 million.

Jagr’s goal has always been to win the Stanley Cup. This year, Dallas is not the place to do that.

Knowing that he may eventually lose a non-commital Jagr in free agency for nothing, Nieuwendyk needs to decide whether its in the Stars’ best interest to get a draft pick in return before the deadline.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reported Dallas is “undecided” on what to do with Jagr, and that it likely depends on the quality of the offers Nieuwendyk receives.

If you’re Paul Holmgren, is sending a third round pick (which could essentially end up being a late second rounder depending on where the Flyers finish) worth seeing if Jagr is exactly what the Flyers are missing?

For my money, Jagr changes everything about the way Giroux plays the game. Jagr is able to win battles along the boards, hang onto the puck and find the open man. He is strong and commands respect from defenses, even at his advanced age.

Plus, Jagr has no baggage, and is already comfortable in Philadelphia and with Giroux.

For a third round pick, if that’s the price, it’s worth experimenting whether Jagr can get the Flyers over the hump and into the playoffs. Especially for a team which has dangled draft picks like candy over the years.



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I replied to Servalli with the same sentiments ..Jagr is a great guy, and played great while here(until the injuries showed up). He is also EXACTLY what this team does NOT need at this point.

With everything going on with this team, I have a hard time figuring out why Frank would choose to run an article like this?

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I would NOT trade for him under any circumstances, this season is about lost and giving up anything for anyone in an attempt to salvage this season is insanity.

I would consider him as an UFA for the right price as he was boon to the team last year (except for the running out of gas in the Playoffs part).

I do not know what would posess anyone to write this article at this time!?!?!?

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I would love to see Jagr back with the Flyers...as an assistant coach.

There's no point at all to acquiring him as a skater. The Flyers should be playing the young guys...Trying to establish a functioning system and identity to carry into next season (not seeing much evidence of this at the moment)...Figuring out who will replace Bryz after the summer buyout...And thinking about which defenseman they'll choose with a nice high draft pick.

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Wow, that's a tough question. I picked maybe. I do not think we'll be going to the playoffs under ANY circumstance but I wonder what Jagr might be able to do with this bunch of lost boys. I think he did a great job last year in mentoring the young guns and would think he hasn't lost that. If he could help to get them out of this funk, I'd be for it, especially if they took Gervais and Foster ;) or maybe the playoff scoring sensation, #48....

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I can't even believe that someone would even suggest this. I'm at least encouraged by the fact that there was nothing in the article to suggest that the Flyers were actually considering such a pointless move. I'm assuming that this is just a case of Seravalli not being able to think of anything else interesting to write about, at this point.

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I'm nearly certain Andy was poking fun....

Honestly, I wasn't kidding.

We wouldn't be trading away anything but a 3rd rounder or something, correct?

We need a low-risk addition to this team. You never know what could happen. We all know G loved playing with #68 - maybe it'll put some jump back in his game.

I wish Jagr hadn't left in the first place.

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Unless these rumors are misdirection, I am not kidding when I say, "I think Homer might be back on the booze".

Jagr for a 3rd-or anything else for that matter, is a waste. The Flyers would get Jagr for 18 games MAX. Why? This team isn't making the playoffs--plain and simple So, why get a 41 yr old rental player????

Morrow is equally a complete waste of time. Not on this team, not at this point...

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Can we please stop with the ridiculous trading anything for aging forwards? First Iginla, now Jagr. This exact craziness is what has us looking for something to do every May.

I thought the Flyers should have tried to resign Jagr last summer, but at what Jagr is making now, I don't trade the beer guy for him let alone a draft pick.

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It's tough to figure what Jagr's trade value will be at the deadline. RIght now, he would not be dealt, due to the Stars only being a few pts out of a playoff position.....but that can change quickly. Think it was fc in another thread who accurately pointed out, if the Pens get Iggy, then the pressure on the Bruins and other contenders in the East mounts to counter that move. That's when you get overpaid for your guy......happens all the time at the deadline. It's that last chance to not only one up the compitition, but to get some vets for the playoffs, making sure you have enough coverage in case of playoff injuries etc. If a GM gets caught with his pants down at the deadline, the team is not helped out enough, their job is at risk.

Right now...I'd say the lowest offer the Stars would get for Jagr is a 2nd and a respectable prospect. That could easily move to a first rounder and a prospect or even more, should things fall the Stars way. Unless something blows them out of the water with a wicked offer, the longer the Stars wait, the longer they have a shot at gettin overpaid.

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I don't get why anyone wants this team to make the playoffs..

To me its just more of the same old crap. Do you really think this team can win a cup, seriously? No, they can't. So we get another run of the mill draft pick. It's time to start getting some elite talent. Yes we lucked into Giroux, but we need a lot more than that to become true contenders. Let this team play out the season. Be sellers if they can. And hope we draw a top 5 pick in the draft.

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Wow really? Jagr will fetch a 1st rounder? Plus a prospect? I can see a 2nd and throw in a late rounder ...but a 1R pick? I'll be shocked.

then again I admit I don't know nearly as much about the NHL business as most of you. So Jammer you're probably right. But I'll still be shocked. He's not worth that really, is he? I mean if last year is any indication he's only going to slow down as the weather gets warmer...

as for the Flyers there's no point in bringing him back.

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I agree with you. No way he garners a 1st round pick. Mid-level prospect or a 2nd rounder. Not both. He's a 41 year old who hasn't done much over the last month or so. If you remember, he kind of fell off as the year progressed last year, too. And at the money, no, no first rounder.

By the way, since I'm typing...with his pattern of starting out well and tailing off the past two years, maybe he should consider doing a Selane thing and skip the first half of the year and then playing the second. Then he'd actually be of some value come playoff time.

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@canoli Well, say a situation like the Pens getting Iggy and a few other decent acquisitions.....then your are dealing with a desperate GM whose job is on the line if they fall flat in helping out their teams. In that tylpe of atmosphere, you get overpaid, happens all the time. Even though he is old, you are still dealing with a top 6 forward....AND one that excles in the playoffs and on the top pp. You also have to factor in playoff experience, and depending on the team, that can be super valuable.

Bostons pick will be 28th to 25 range, if they think it puts them over the top, they might be inclined to let go of the pick. That's not even factoring in season ending injuries. If two top contenders suffer multiple season ending injuries, which happens all the time, then....the price for Jagr goes up. Tons of variables.....but those are a few of the scenarios where the Stars would get a nice return.

Remember, it's not what he is really worth, it's what the market will bare...because the market is constantly evolving, nobody can say what it will be like in a few weeks from now.

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@ruxpin If I had to choose between Paul Gaustad and Jagr in regards to playoff value, I'd take Jagr, esp when paired with elite talent. Gaustad was worth a first rounder at the deadline, so in theory, Jagr for a 1st would not be all out crazy, just bi-polar kinda crazy....ha ha. The only difference is Jagr is a UFA following this season. Perhaps he can be extended for one more year, making him all that more valuable. There is even value in his contract being done after this year, with the cap going down and all.

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