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Happy belated St. Pats - Flyers sign leprachauen Flanagan


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Both Flyercanuck and Pilldoc made a similar thread, merging them caused an error and some of the posts were lost.

Flyercanuck said in the first and last posts:

Flyers sign, what else, a forward , 24 year old 5'9" 170 lb Kyle Flanagan . Good hockey smarts, needs help on his skating and even more on his size. Help for the Phantoms?

#16 in red- he scores 2 here, Maines defence looks terrible

TSN's Bob McKenzie reported tonight that the first of those guys will be a forward from St. Lawrence University named Kyle Flanagan.

Flanagan, who centered St. Lawrence's top line, just capped off a senior year in which he put up 47 points in 35 games, after tallying 37 points in 28 games last season. He got off to a torrid start, collecting 15 points in his first six games and even finding his way onto Hobey Baker Award watchlists through much of the season. He cooled off a bit as the year went on, but obviously ended with nice numbers, regardless.

A two-year captain at SLU, Flanagan is 24, measures at 5'9" and weighs 170 pounds. His coach, Greg Carvel, described him before the season began as such:

"Kyle is a very impressive hockey player," St. Lawrence coach Greg Carvel said. "He has NHL ability. He is undersized, but with his hockey ability and hockey sense, he's the complete package. He can score points and is defensively responsible. I expect him to be a Hobey Baker finalist."


a comment after the article stated:

From a Rangers mod at hfboards.com who has seen Flanagan many, many times:

“Kyle Flanagan was knocked on his ass off the faceoff of the first shift of his first NCAA game. Undersized, sometimes teammates would joke on twitter when there was a windstorm that he might fly away. But the kid has a hockey brain a mile wide. Give him time and space, and he will shred you with passes, excellent pivotal skating, and surprisingly good hands around the net. He has gained some muscle this year, still doesn’t have too much mustard on his shot but he isn’t getting planted into the boards nearly as much as he used to. He started his career as a LW on Bogosian’s line, but the past two years he has been centering Greg Carey.

If Carey had Flanagan’s hockey sense, he would have been a first round pick. If Flanagan had Carey’s (note: he’s talking about Greg Carey, another NCAA UFA) build, he would’ve been as well. Flanagan reminds me a bit of PA Parenteau."

“Flanagan will need some AHL time to get used to the size and strength of the pro game. But I think he could be useful player in any role with that head on his shoulders, and is the most complete player I have seen at SLU since Rich Peverley.”

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