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Hockeyy Insiderr, An Anonymous NHL Source, Is Nothing But A Fraud

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I never really trust any of these so called insiders anyway, I got so tired of hearing the Kaberle rumors a few years ago that if I saw his name in a headline I just turned away. After six months of him going everywhere except the Russian national team when he was finally dealt I am sure the so called experts patted themselves on the back and said, see, I told you so. Same now with Bobby Ryan and Iginla. For two years the experts have them going everywhere. Same earlier this season with Getzlaf and Perry who signed eight year contracts.

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I busted him on twitter time and again about his breaking stories with articles from other websites that where posted hours before he "COUGH" Broke the story he finally blocked me. funny thing he makes ecklund look legit. never thought that was possible :ph34r:

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