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Will the Flyers sign Colin Sullentrop before June deadline...

Guest OccamsRazor

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...not sure if anyone knows but i remember reading somewhere they might not sign him when i find it i will post it here...till then does anyone know? And as far as i know june is the deadline to sign him...yet i may be wrong there too.

After looking at there prospects or lack there of popular wisdom would say they would be fools not too..

..the cupboard is bare...now remember he is a stay at home Dman...

...so he is what he is but they currently really don't even have any of those ready to play in the AHL much less on the BIG club...

...like i stated why the Flyers would draft him and keep him and then not sign him would just be palin stupid...they need as many pokers in the fire as they can afford...and he should be one of them.


Anyway i would like some thoughts from the resident OHL/WHL/QMJR followers Jammer and Flyercanuck to start and any other that i might not be aware have a know....thanks.

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I've watched him when Oshawa comes to town. I don't really see anything special about him. He's ok, but nothing really stands out in his game. Then again, what else do we have as far as D prospects go? I know we have Gostibehere, but his size scares me for a defenceman.

edit: don't take my "meh" comments about him as gospel. I'm just saying when he's played here he didn't do much. I remember when Tavares played junior we'd always go to see him and I swear everytime he came to town he'd have his worst games. He was terrible against the Colts. If he was drafted solely on those games he'd have been a 4th round pick.

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Then again, what else do we have as far as D prospects go?

I hear what you are saying and that it something like what the article said that i read about him and them not being real interested very much in him but when looking at the putrid farm...what else do they have to lose...unless they really just need the contract space.

Hell as bad as this defense has looked this season yet no prospects have even gotten a sniff besides Gus tells you they must be to embarassed to even show anyone their talent because then there would be proof they have no idea how to draft talent for the blueline(like when really need further proof)...they keep hiding it.... :ph34r:

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@OccamsRazor I say they let him go...for one simple reason, I don't think he can skate at the NHL level, so investing time in him with the Phantoms is a waste of a AHL roster spot. If they can't skate, they can't play....just ask Kevin Marshall. The real question is, why do the Flyers keep making reachs in the draft on kids that can't skate?? I'd rather have a kid who can skate that is not tough, or does not put up points. It all starts and ends with skating.

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