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Now that the season is over...

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The flyers have a lot of work to do before next season. It starts with firing the Homer. They need to have a new one lined up first before they do that. I just can't take the monster contracts, no trade clauses, and over the cap nonsense anymore. Hopefully the new GM will do a couple of buy-outs, draft the right guy this time (assuming they get the first or second pick again), and get guys in here that want to play.

If he sees that Coots is untouchable like Homer does then here is what I propose. First, tell him that this is the time to work as hard as you have in your life to earn your spot on this team. If he doesn't put the work in this summer, he will either be traded or playing in upstate NY. Hopefully he wants to do whatever it takes and set him up with a routine like this

The season is over at the end of April. Take a month off, visit family, and relax until the first week of June. Then your weeks go like this

Monday - Legs: Squats, leg extensions, leg press, calf raises - heavy, heavy, heavy

Tuesday - Chest and Back: Bench press, lat pull-downs, dumbell press, pull ups - heavy, heavy, heavy

Wednesday - Light skate, light practice drills, review video

Thursday - Session with skating coach. Bring in Malkin's old skating coach. I forget what his name is but he's a crazy Russian guy that does things that I've never seen before. Worked for Malkin.

Friday - Arms and Shoulders: Curls, Military Press, Tricep extensions - heavy, heavy, heavy

Saturday - Plyometrics and Balance - Do the thing where Crosby is balancing on a board that rolls on a pipe.

Sunday - Rest

Do that for three weeks and take the fourth week off. Do that until mid August and you will have done three different three week training sessions. Take a couple of weeks off. Come back in early September for some light skating before camp starts. Hopefully he puts on about 20-25lbs of muscle.

Is that too much to ask for a professional athelete making millions of dollars. That's a good plan for Cotouier but why not get the entire team involved. Giroux should LEAD the guys to really want to do this,

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That is the best contraption that I have ever seen......

They should fire the squirrels at Bryzgalov in practice....

Haha, it really is great! I just posted it because it looked like the contraption they've got going on in the Giroux picture.

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I think they need to unload all the dead weight on this team. They have a lot of it. Then fire Homer and bring in an OBJECTIVE, intelligent, hockey guy with a plan. Oh yeah, Mr. Snider, when you do, LISTEN to him and let him work. You don't know nearly as much about hockey as you think you do.

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