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Pass or Fail: Sabres dont claim Jokinen

Guest Canadian Sabres

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Tuesday Carolina placed Jussi Jokinen on waivers and teams had till noon today to claim him or not, well nobody did that not even the Sabres who despite Jokinen having only 10pts in 30 games is a 3mil cap hit for 1 more year after this year and could of benefited I think from a change of scenery from Carolina because of the crop of talent that team currently has (Skinner, Faulk, E.Staal, J.Staal, (Jared Staal on the up and coming) Semin, etc)..

I for one think the Sabres should not of passed up this opportunity to grab a FREE player from the waiver wire as I stated he is only a 3 mil cap hit next year and for the rest of this year the Sabres can afford that they have $5,656,335 in cap room plus the deadline is approaching and the Sabres will likely sell some more assets to make even more cap room.

There is no reason I think the Sabres should of passed up this opportunity to get a player who can definitely help out in the goal scoring department he would probably be better addition than Ville "cant score a goal" Leino although I still believe Leino will turn it around and become a better player for the Sabres.

Jokinen's best seasons are as follows:(Year-Games Played-Goals-Assists-Points,Team)

1) 2009-10: 81-30-35-65 (Carolina Hurricanes)

2) 2005-06: 81-17-38-55 (Rookie in Dallas)

3) 2010-11: 70-19-33-52 (Carolina Hurricanes)

4) 2006-07: 82-14-34-48 (Dallas Stars)

5) 2011-12: 79-12-34-46 (Carolina Hurricanes)

Jokinen is by no means a bad or lazy player or at least from what I heard he can really bring an offensive punch to a team that clearly can use any sort of boost possible right now as this team doesnt have very much going for it right now taking a chance on Jokinen would of defienetly been a welcomed addition to the team.

Jussi Jokinen if you didnt know in Dallas was a wizard of the shootout and he could of be that deciding factor when the game needs to be won or tied up for the Sabres when they get into shootout troubles. Jokinen went 9 for 9 one year and he scored some dazzlers in his shootout career here is a top 5 video I found.

What say you buffalo?

Pass or Fail?

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Last year the Canes turned down overtures from half a dozen clubs for Jokinen, instead resigning him for two more years. Last year he was a hot commodity, this year nobody wants him.

His game has slipped a bit, but signing him would have allowed you guys to try to get something for Stafford or somebody. Like you said, a free player, and at 3 million not overly pricy.

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No need for Jokinen on the Sabres. A rebuilding team doesn't claim a $3 million dollar 3rd line center with another year left on the contract. Sabres have their own overpaid players they have to get rid of like Stafford and Leopold to name a few. I would have been mad if the Sabres did it. Would of made 0 sense.

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