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The Great 8 gets 400th Goal

Sin Bin

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Alex Ovechkin becomes the 7th youngest player to reach 400 goals in his career with an empty netter tonight versus the Hurricanes. Alex if he can keep up this pace of goal scoring he will be up there with the real great ones from the past come the end of his career. Great Job Ovie!

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A grudging congrats to Ovechkin.

Grudging because he has been a pain in the arse to my Tampa Bay Lightning for so many years!


Still though, there is no questioning the guy's skill, tenacity, and when he really sets himself to it, can literally take over a game.


I mentioned elsewhere that despite all his scoring prowess many often underestimate his ability to throw a mean bodycheck.

And I am not talking about the kind of "sort of big bump" you often see from players who are primarily goal scorers.

Oh, no...not Alex.

He delivers the types of hits you'd normally associate with a big stay-at-home defenseman or some large, bruising 3rd or 4th line winger.

Which, honestly shouldn't be a surprise given how fast he is and moving his big 6'3 240ish pound frame around.

Puts to shame other big guys who don't use their size nearly as effective.


Great player, perhaps not as well rounded as some in Washington would like (his defense and judgement of WHEN to antagonize the opponents sometimes comes into question), but then again, when you can do some of the things this guy does, the WAY he does them, one can gloss over his deficiencies in other areas just a smidge.


Oh, and don't be surprised if later on down his career he finally does come up with a solid, steady defensive game, while still maintaining his threat to score.

That would REALLY put him over the top as being in the category of some of the best ever to play the game....oh, and a Stanley Cup wouldn't hurt either... ;)


400 goals and still only 28? Look out....

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Crosby is more playmaker than scorer. Ovechkin thinks shot about 90% of the time. OK I'm just pulling that number out of my hat but you get the gist of it.


OV averages 1.2 ppg regular season and 1.05 in the playoffs. Crosby averages 1.4 ppg regular season and 1.28 playoffs. You want goals, take Ovechkin. You want to win, take Crosby. 

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