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Devils-Hawks tomorrow night

Chicago Hawkie

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Oh hell ... the Devils are coming to town.  :lol:


Since it has been awhile since these two teams met, I am not sure how to gauge this matchup.  I am expecting it to be a low scoring game reminiscent of games against the Devils in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s.  I remember some of those Detroit-NJ games where the game would go by and then it would be midway through the third period and the Wings would be down 2-0 ... against Marty Brodeur.  :ph34r:

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It seemed a tight game at first, surprising, not many shots on either end for most of the 1st I think. But then, KA-POW! Here come da Hawks! Sharpie almost got the hat-trick! Hit the post. Dunno what Schneids was thinking there!  Imo, he really isn't a match for the Hawks, he's just not ready yet. Annnnd, his puck handling needs a little bit of work..haha.


Hawkie, how about the least number of shots allowed by Hawks in a game this season-- 12 shots allowed from NJ!  2nd lowest S/A was Oct vs Tampa I think with 15 shots allowed. Unreal!


I liked Sharpie's post-game interview, he's a cool dude.  ;) 

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I know, right?  :D   There have been a number of games where the Hawks outshot their opponent like that.  The team D statistics going into this game between the Hawks and the Devils were quite staggering ... the Devils were -7 and the Hawks were +45 (or something like that).  :o


Sharpie's great.  I was surprised when I saw the NHL RIvals segment on the Flyers and Hawks which mentioned that he went to the Hawks from the Flyers.


Merry Christmas to you!  :D

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Wow, that's quite the staggering differential!   Oh yes, I do remember hearing something about Sharpie being with the Flyers once, I'd totally forgotten!  It's so hard to imagine him being anywhere else now..haha.  


A very Merry Christmas to you & your family, Hawkie!  :lol: 

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