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Strangest winning goal in NHL history? Did you see it?

Buffalo Rick

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That is one way for the Sabres to make it on National TV.  The Phoenix goalie, in OT, had the puck from mid air land in his pants and then he skated back into his net with the puck up his arse and it was a good goal and a win for the mighty high powered Sabres!  LOL.  

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wow that was funny, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy (I cannot stand Smith)!!!

Ha   But why?  I rarely see the guy  Didn't he play for Tampa or an Eastern team recently?  I forget where exactly  I think he is pretty good from memory?  This is how sad this year is.  Even when we win, its as ugly as ugly gets.  I did not see it.  I stopped watching when Vanek left I must confess.  I cannot take it.  I am waiting for the massive exodus.  Stafford should be holding a sign "will work for food".

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I dunno.  I watch Buffalo every chance I get.  They  play a lot of one or two goal difference games.   


It seems to me, that they're improving. 

Well they can't score since Vanek ;left.  Mysterious that Moulson has not scored more or Hodgeson?  Maybe Hodgeson is out?  Not sure.  They lost the shootout with Enroth in the nets.  Miller is very good in shootouts.  As for the goal this thread is about, someone on ESPN said the play should have in fact been blown dead because the refs obviously lost sight of the puck.  That makes sense.  But we sucked one out.  Gee, like we needed a win.  It might ruin our lottery chances.  LOL.  What a nightmare of a season.  I cannot wait until the Olympics.  then at least I will have something to cheer for.  Even though I am cheering for the St Louis Blues to win it all

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