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Seravalli's Mid Season Grades



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  1. 1. Do you Agree or Disagree with the Grades?

    • Seravalli got most of the grades right.
    • Agree only on some of grades.
    • Seravalli is way off based on his grades.

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These are Frank Seravalli's Mid Season grades..... What are yours?




Sean Couturier


Grade: A


Comments: Finally able to purchase an adult beverage legally on Dec. 7, Couturier is playing like the fantastic, shutdown, defensive forward he showcased in his rookie season. And he’s back to scoring, on pace for a career-high in goals (16) and points (38).


Claude Giroux


Grade: B+


Comments: The Flyers’ captain drew the ire of fans for his putrid start with seven points in 15 games, but Giroux has 13 points in his last seven games (26 in his last 22) and is getting back to his point-per-game pace while the rest of his numbers return to career norms.


Michael Raffl


Grade: B+


Comments: It’s hard to fully appreciate how big of a jump Raffl has made from Sweden’s second-tier league to the NHL. Many have tried, far more have been stuck in the AHL. His speed has brought out the best in Giroux and Voracek.


Adam Hall


Grade: B+


Comments: Hall is the player who has picked up the penalty-killing slack since Max Talbot’s sudden departure to Colorado. He has been excellent in faceoffs and generally doesn’t take a shift off. He’s a maintenance-free professional.


Brayden Schenn


Grade: B


Comments: Schenn is slowly but surely coming into his own in the NHL. His talents are apparent, but it is also painfully obvious when he plays a laid-back, “reaching” game with stick checks instead of his physical self. He has been one of the Flyers’ better forwards.


Vinny Lecavalier


Grade: B


Comments: When he’s been healthy, Lecavalier has been one of the Flyers’ more consistent scorers with 15 points in 24 games. Three different injuries in the first half of the season have slowed down the 33-year-old former Rocket Richard Trophy winner.


Jay Rosehill


Grade: B


Comments: Fans love to knock Rosehill’s game, but he has more than a few supporters in the Flyers’ dressing room. He fights, doesn’t take stupid penalties, and has better-than-your-average-enforcer wheels and hands.


Matt Read


Grade: B


Comments: Read has 10 goals in 36 games, which puts him slightly below the pace he set (24) in his first full season in 2011-12. He has taken on a more defensive role this year, too, playing major minutes (19:47 a night) with Couturier.


Steve Downie


Grade: B


Comments: For one, Downie’s joking spirit has made the dressing room brighter. He’s also played pretty solid since his Halloween trade from Colorado, collecting 12 points in 20 games. He knows his role, has mostly stayed out of the box and has fit in well.


Jake Voracek


Grade: C+


Comments: Voracek gets bonus points for his play in the last eight games (13 points), because he otherwise would be in the “C” grade range. This was supposed to be the year Voracek took off, following an MVP year last season. Maybe it still can be.


Wayne Simmonds


Grade: C+


Comments: Few players care more or try harder than Simmonds. He brings his energy and work ethic every night, he just hasn’t scored consistently enough. His new line, with Hartnell and B. Schenn, could be the solution for that problem, though.


Zac Rinaldo


Grade: C-


Comments: Rinaldo is a heart-and-soul type player, someone truly eager to play at the NHL level. He just doesn’t have much of a role on Craig Berube’s defense-first roster, which is why they’re trying to mold him into something more, like a penalty-killer. His penalties, though sometimes due to reputation and not fault, have been costly.


Scott Hartnell


Grade: D+


Comments: To say Hartnell has had a tough season and a half would be an understatement. He has just six goals in 33 games and was bumped from the top line 2 weeks ago. When Downie returns, Hartnell could find himself on the fourth line.


Incomplete: Chris VandeVelde, Tye McGinn, Kris Newbury.




Nick Grossmann


Grade: A


Comments: Nicknamed “Grossy,” he is the Flyers’ best defenseman in the truest sense of the position: He defends better than anyone else. He is willing to do the “gross” work, too. Grossmann is fifth in the NHL in blocked shots (94) and fights through a ton of pain and punishment to remain in the lineup nightly.


Hal Gill


Grade: A


Comments: Why give such a high grade to a player who has played a grand total of four games? He has a much larger role than that, serving as a mentor to young players. Gill offers pearls of wisdom from his 1,106-game career with a relatable, hilarious style.


Braydon Coburn


Grade: B


Comments: Coburn has harnessed his biggest asset (speed) to become a vital organ in Craig Berube’s master plan. Watch over the last month: His activity at the blue line and getting involved in the rush has increased dramatically. Turnovers are down, his confidence is up.


Mark Streit


Grade: C+


Comments: Streit’s grade is based more on reputation and expectations than anything else. He hasn’t been terrible, but has only begun to scratch the surface in his adjustment to the Flyers. Streit (13 assists) could be in for a big second-half.


Kimmo Timonen


Grade: C+


Comments: Talk to the Flyers’ staff and Timonen is an indispensable part of their defense corps. From high above the rink, Timonen looks like a wise and calm defenseman who is just a half-step slower than he used to be.


Luke Schenn


Grade: C+


Comments: He’s been drilled to work on his skating since Berube took over, and it has paid off. Lately, Schenn has been more involved in the play. He is on-pace for a career-high in goals and never lost confidence from early season scratches.


Erik Gustafsson


Grade: C-


Comments: It’s probably fair to wonder where the Flyers go from here with “Gus.” He is 25 and rotating in and out of the lineup as the sixth/seventh defenseman. He doesn’t seem to think the game as quick as most – and his confidence level leaves him guessing sometimes.


Andrej Meszaros


Grade: C-


Comments: Meszaros, 28, has waded through a mental minefield with his injuries and benchings. He isn’t out of shape, but he seems to get beat most often behind the net. He is in the final year of his contract, playing to stay in the NHL.




Steve Mason


Grade: A


Comments: In a first-grade classroom, Mason would have a star next to his name. He has been the Flyers’ unquestioned MVP. He is unbeaten in regulation in his last six starts (4-0-2) and battled through a couple of tough games to rebound into the break with an important win (for his confidence and the standings) over Minnesota.


Ray Emery


Grade: B


Comments: Emery’s stats (3-7-0, .885, 3.23) aren’t great, but there is only one game (at Chicago, Dec. 11) that the Flyers didn’t have a chance to win the third period and win the game. He got them there either tied, winning or trailing by one heading into the final 20 minutes in nine of his 10 starts. Plus, his relationship with Mason keeps his peer calm and cool.




Craig Berube


Grade: A


Comments: Berube has been a pleasant surprise for most, though those who knew his mind for the game aren’t surprised by his success. It took 10 to 12 games for his defense-first system to take effect. While there will still be bumps in the road, he has the Flyers playing what he believes is the “right way,” and it’s paying early dividends.


General manager


Paul Holmgren


Grade: B


Comments: Firing Peter Laviolette after three games took “brass balls,” as one other NHL GM recently described it. Through 34 games, it appeared to be the right move. The team has settled in and Holmgren’s only other move – swapping Talbot for Downie – seems like a shrewd one. If the Flyers teeter on the edge and miss the playoffs, though, it will be interesting to see whether Holmgren calls the shots with a lot of cap space to burn this summer.


Perfect attendance


Through 37 games: Couturier, Giroux, B. Schenn, Rinaldo, Voracek, Simmonds, Streit, Timonen, Coburn, Mason, Emery.
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My Grades


Sean Couturier A  (Agree) Since Berube took over Couturier has exceeded expectations.

Claude Giroux B-  I think the hand injury affected Giroux longer than expected.  He wasn't backchecking and was a poor leader for the team early on. I would give him a C, but his play recently has been closer to how we expect Giroux to perform.

Michael Raffl  B+  (Agree)

Adam Hall  B+ (Agree)

Brayden Schenn  B- I gave a slightly less grade mainly due to his inconsistency 

Vinny Lecavalier  A-  I gave a higher grade as I think Vinny is has been the most consistent player on the team. I won't judge injuries against him.

Jay Rosehill  B- I'll agree with Servalli here.  As much as I dislike holding a roster spot for an enforcer, Rosehill has been far more effective as a checker than Cote and Shelley of the past.

Matt Read  A- I think Servalli's grade is too low.  Read is worth every drop of his contract.  

Steve Downie B  (Agree)  I'm not a Downie fan but he has great control of the puck and the play in the offensive zone. 

Jake Voracek C  I gave a lower grade, Jake has been disappointing, recently the effort has been there, but he was invisible most of the early part of the season.

Wayne Simmonds B-  I gave a slightly higher grade.  The effort has been reasonably consistent all season.

Zac Rinaldo C I gave again a bit higher grade, I like Rinaldo on the fourth line - nothing more.

Scott Hartnell C-  I gave him more credit due to his PP role.  His play as improved of late.

Nick Grossmann A-  I don't think Grossman is exceeding expectations to deserve the full A.  Although I do agree he has been the most consistent d-man we have.

Hal Gill - C- in my books.  The Flyers have lost every game Gill has been in the line up if my memory serves me correct.  I won't give credit for the lockerroom coach BS.  

Braydon Coburn A-  I differ greatly with Servalli here.  Coburn has been playing well under Berube and is every bit the most valuable D-man the team has.

Mark Streit B- His play has been inconsistent, yet he assists on the big plays and has fared well for the PP.

Kimmo Timonen  C+  yeah, he has lost a step, but still is a valuable 3-4 d-man

Luke Schenn C- maybe even a D+  I think Schenn has been the most disappointing player on the team.  He should be playing 2-3 d-man minutes rather than on the third pairing.  He's slow, has been out of position, and takes the lazy penalty.

Andrej Meszaros C- ( Agree) not much to say here, hopefully his play will improve in 2014.

Erik Gustafsson C-  yeah, I agree.  I don't think Gus has much of a future with the Flyers.

Steve Mason A (Agree)  best and most consistent player on the team

Ray Emery  C+  I thought he would fare better. 

Craig Berube  A  (Agree)  I think his coaching has been excellent for the roster given.  

Paul Holmgren B+  I know I wanted him fired this summer as I was not a fan of the Streit signing, or that he kept Laviolette too long.  But his choice to make Berube coach and trade for Downie were spot on addressing needs for this team.  Now only if he can trade Mez or Gus for a young d-man that will be a step above what we currently have.




















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I opted for "mostly right" on this one. I might have given Holmgen a lower than B grade.  Streit...don't get the guy's play. I think he is correct with Gustaffson and we have to ask what it means for a player who's had his share of play.  I also agree on Berube.  


An important "gap" in this analysis is the farm club. Other teams are stocked with really good AHL clubs (in the old days, Buffalo, currently Detroit).  I am not so sure about the Phantoms, but I am willing to be corrected. I know Hexstall was brought in to work on this, so I recognize the franchise "gets it" on this score. But it still deserves rating.




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I think he got most right but I like your grades a bit better. I disagree with Howie on Homer. Overall, he's pulled some good moves THIS season. Some PAST moves cloud many peoples opinions. The grades are based on this past off season and the first half of this season only... And the Flyers seem to have a problem with all the players who could be called up and then had to send viable young players back to juniors and such because there was no roster spot for them. Sounds like we are stocked. Maybe not as much as others but not bad either. Just my observation but I'm crazy anyway.

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I disagree with the

Rinaldo/ Simmonds/ Rosehill/Gill grades

 Rinaldo is still being victimized for reputation calls. He is turning into a pretty solid PKer and his line gets more minutes when they don't dress Rosehill. I would give Zac a (B) at worst.

Simmonds puts the effort in every night even if he is not scoring he is always putting his best effort on the ice every shift. That can't be said for about 80% of the rest of the team. Simmonds gets a (B) from me also.

If Rosehill is only dressed against teams with an enforcer, I will agree to his grade. The problem is there are too many games where his skills are not required and he takes away minutes from Hall and Rinaldo who with a real line mate can balance the TOI across the board and better balance the team as a whole. I would give Rosehill a "C".

Hal Gill......Is Severalli in the box being waited on hand and foot by Gill? I like Hal Gill and I think he is going to make a fine coach some day but his actual play on the ice can not earn him an (A). He is very slow and takes too many penalties for that grade. I would give Gill a "C" for his actual play.

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I think Frank was pretty good on most of these.  


My only real gripe is his grades for B Schenn and Coburn.   I think Coburn has been the Flyers best dman along w/ Grossman under Berube and deserves a better grade.   Conversely, I think that B Schenn should be a C... He started off really strong at the beginning of the year and really has struggled since...   There are nights were he totally dissapears and lazy while not taking the body.   He has started to look better as of late so let's hope he was just in a slump.   The frustrating part w/ Schenn is you can see the talent but sometimes I think the work ethic is lacking - which drives me nuts b/c of the comparisons to Richards.  Richards always came to play...


Last, I completely agree about Rinaldo getting a C-... he is not playing well in this system and they can try and make him into a penalty killer all they want but he is just a 4th liner -- nothing more than a 4th liner that plays hard and can chirp.  I am not saying this is a bad thing and like I Zac but I think he is a dime a dozen type player in this system.    That bonehead play to start the game a few weeks ago should give hime a C anyway...

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