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Sabres name Tim Murray GM


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as per TSN.


Murray is in his seventh season as the Senators' assistant general manager. He began his NHL scouting career with Detroit in 1993, and is the nephew of Senators general manager Bryan Murray.
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@hf101   Yep, was just about to post this. Bob McKenzie mentioned during the first period of the Leaf game, this is all but a done deal. The only thing left to work out is the actual dollar amounts and the length. I don't know much about him, but anyone growing up around Terry and Bryan, who live, breathe and sleep hockey must have been very beneficial. Throw in being around Scotty Bowman, Jimmy Devellano and Holland in the Wings org in the early 90's wouldn't have hurt either  :). Time will tell, but I really like his pedigree. Being a scout, then Asst GM in Ottawa, well that is the perfect way to grow up through the ranks. His time as a scout will obviously help him out as the draft, and will have to depend on his own scouts less than a non scouting GM, although most of them were rink rats anyways...lol.

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@Hockey Junkie   McDavid gets drafted in 2015, not 2014. Sam Rienhart goes this year, considering the Sabres have a plethora of defensive prospects, Sam could be the way to go....or they select Exblad and are totally set on defense for the next 15 years. Either way, a great year to suck.

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God I hate Bryan Murray!!!!!



Well look at it this way.   Tim Murray is probably happy to not be in the Senator's organization any more, and I would think he would want to up his uncle in the family rivalry.... no??

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Posted · Hidden by hf101, January 13, 2014 - baiting
Hidden by hf101, January 13, 2014 - baiting

  I hope Murray SUCKS and sets the Sabres back 10 years....if for no other reason than to read Rick slowly slipping into a losing induced trance.

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