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Bruins-Hawks tomorrow in Cup Finals rematch!

Chicago Hawkie

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I am so looking forward to this ... Bruins vs. Hawks in a Cup Finals rematch.  It will be one of those great 11:30AM starts!  :D


Even though the Bruins no longer have Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverly (to name a few). they still have Brad Marchand and Tukka Rask and have added Jarome Iginla (who declined a trade to the Bruins last year).


Marian Hossa has come on as of late for the Hawks.


I think if the Hawks can stay disciplined and try not to turn the puck over too much, we'll be fine.  If we make a parade to the box, then we'll be in trouble.

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Hi jammer!  :)


I think that may still be a possibility.  The teams are knotted up 1 apiece after one period, and this is no surprise considering both teams are nearly even.  It has been a rather feisty game, but also well-played.  :D


Hossa had that great goal early in the game and the Hawks nearly scored again after that, but Marchand made a good move on Dunks and tied it up with only about 18 seconds left in the period.

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The Hawks won in a 3-2 shootout, but I think this game was more even than that.  I'm not a big fan of shootouts ... think NBA games being decided by free throws if a game is tied after regulation.  :lol:  It seemed like the Hawks. near the end of OT, were playing not to lose whereas the Bruins had a very good chance to win it before the game went to a shootout.


Oh well ... a win is a win, so I will take it.  :D

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That was a fun game to watch. I thought for sure that the Hawk's were going to win in OT. The ice opened up and there was a lot less of the little picks and hooks to slow up the game.  Pretty good goaltending on both sides of the the ice.

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