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Most 3rd period comebacks in NHL history?


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The Flyers just tied their franchise "record" with 9 wins after trailing entering the 3rd period.  I'm trying to find what team has the most in the regular season, but my Google-fu is apparently weak tonight. 


Does anyone have a line on that?  Thanks!



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@TedZep   I did find this, the biggest single game 3rd period comeback in NHL history. The honour goes to the 2000 St.Louis blues.....one other team had a 5 goal comeback, but the Blues did it the quickest....


 November 29, 2000
"The Blues came back from a 5-0 deficit in the third period to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-5 in overtime. It was only the second time a team has come back such a large deficit in the third period to win a game. The Blues scored their six goals in 15 minutes and 27 seconds, making it the fastest time a team has come back from a five-goal deficit in NHL history."


 What a beauty of a game that must have been to see!!



 Great moments in St.Louis Blues history....a legit candidate for the shortest book ever written thread if I ever saw one.....LMAO!!



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Great, so now I have an infinite feedback loop where if I google my question again it comes back with my original question, which only pushes the question - and not the answer - higher.


Coming back from 5 goals down is impressive.  Of course, the greatest comeback in playoff history is the Flyers down 3 goals to 0, 3 games to 0, against the Bruins, and they win the game and the series.


I sent a request to Elias Sports Bureau, maybe they'll answer

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I think I recall the Kings? maybe making a 3rd period comeback in the playoffs down 5 goals. I believe it was 5-0 and their owner left in disgust...and missed an incredible comeback.


 I seem to remember something along those lines as well, think it was Bruce who left the building early?

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