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We Beat the Blackhawks!


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Pardon me.... I'm usually not prone to these fits of unbridled excitement, but that was such an amazing game last night to watch.  


This was not the same Red Wings team that we've been watching for the last month or so.  They fought, they skated, they dug in.   It was quite honestly the best game I've seen all season.  


And yes, the legendary rivalry has a lot to do with it.  Chicago and Detroit bring out another level of competition when they play each other.  This time, the Red Wings were able to feed off of it and come away with a huge win.  But even then, if you think about how many minor leaguers we have in the lineup, so few of them have even played against Chicago at all, and can't really appreciate the gravity of this rivalry.  But they all brought their A-game. 


Abdelkader, Nyquisst, Tatar, Zetterberg, Jurco....they all showed up to play tonight.  


Patrick Eaves?  Patrick Eaves???  Really?  Where did this guy come from?  He's been quietly taking up space on the fourth line and now all of a sudden he brings a huge goal, and earns himself a spot in the shootout (which he converted) and even scores the (not-so) coveted post-game interview with Pierre Macguire.


I was honestly in disbelieve at the shootout.  I was giggling....  I have no idea why, but I was just on my couch giggling..........


This is proof positive that THEY CAN DO IT with the pieces they have (and more importantly, with the pieces they don't have) 

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Wow what a game. I was exhausted from watching it!

  Eaves is playing to stay in the NHL not just this year but next year as well. If he continues to perform a the level that he has since his recall from the Griffins I cannot see how they can possibly keep him out of the lineup. He is one of our top 12 forwards both currently and with the way he has played even when everyone comes back.

  Like I posted in Spike's post, when the kids fell behind 2-0 they did not give up which would have been an easy thing to do like they did against St. Louis. Instead the intensity was unreal. Zetterberg carried the club on his back which was great to see.

  Wow what a game!

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