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When will the losing streak end?


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Islanders, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets losses are all ready in the books.  How many more in a row we lose before we win a game?


Our next opponents are....



Red Wings







--- Olympic Break


Maybe we will get a point against the Flames.   ;)


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The Blue Jackets have now moved into 3rd place ahead of the Flyers, with the Hurricanes and Devils only 3pts behind us.  If the Flyers don't get their act together we could be at the bottom of the Metro division before the Olympic break.

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Mason will shut out the Bruins, 3-0....heard it here first!!


After playing like garbage this month, I also feel the Flyers will show up Saturday and beat the Bruins. I won't call for a SO because jammer already did :)

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This is going to be a very tough stretch and this is when the wheels might fall off the wagon.   After watching the recent play I think they might not get a point until the Flames!  We will get the same old excuses by the same players, Homer will visit the dressing room and Snider will come out of his mid-winter's slumber to make a and give the team a stern warning.  


I have no faith they will beat Boston whatsoever.   Gargle, rinse, repeat.



2-5 over this span...  

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Things that need to be done.... Reunite Downie with Read and Couturier.I want to see a cohesive 3rd line again. Keep Schenn, Hartnell, Simmonds together. Stop juggling the actual working lines and let them work together. Put Vinny on the top line with Giroux and Raffl and put Jake who is having issues handling the puck to the 4th. He may even need to be sat and leave his hand heal. Luke Schenn needs to be sat. PERIOD. Partnering him with Mez is destroying any kind of Defense he was able to play. He is too slow to be effective when Mez starts cheating which he does often. Play Gus in Schenn's place. 4th line of Hall/Vorachek/Vandevelde. They won't be a defensive liability and you can play them 10 minutes plus. I think that would help for starters......

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