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Sry grossman should be benched not mezz


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Just my opinion.



And not a bad one he didn't look good on that 2nd score. Maybe that is what Bryz was talking about with the Dmen blocking to many shots, it does just turninto a screen when these guys try to block the shot yet don't actually do it. Then it just seems they are screening their own goalie.


Grossy is the 3rd worse Corsi rating in the entire NHL. HHHHhhhhhhhmmmm. Wish they could have scratched Gross, Mezz and Luke.


5 vs 5
---------------Corsi Rel QoC----Corsi Relative---Corsi Rel QoT--------O Zone Start %
Coburn              1.300               2.6                        2.936                  51.3
Timonen            0.777              13.9                       3.062                  57.3
Grossmann        0.761            -14.6                        0.903                 46.0
Streit                   0.049             0.2                        -0.854                 54.5
Meszaros           -0.246             0.2                        -0.386                 52.6
Schenn              -0.360            -2.7                        -0.043                 54.3
Coby and Timmo have some of the best numbers in the league.
Graph didn't transfer like i wanted but...Timmo's Corsi Relative is +13.9 and Gross is -14.6 talk about a ugly swing....
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@OccamsRazor  I say, if we are gonna be brutal on defense, let's get some hungry youth in there. Oliver Lauridsen looked ready last year, why he has not had a sniff of NHL ice this year is beyond me. I was a big fan of Grossmann when he first got here, he has steadily declined. Looks slow and uninvolved most of the time. Luke the Fluke is flat out disgusting....trade him while you can still get a decent return!

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Oliver Lauridsen looked ready last year, why he has not had a sniff of NHL ice this year is beyond me.


Yes i'm down with it....Schenn looked pretty solid last year playing with Ollie last year they had some pretty decent chemistry better than i've seen Schenn have with anyone else. Can't hurt a damn thing with this team.


These guys have a brutal schedule coming up next 10 games there will be some heads rolling after Homer sees how bad they preforn he'll have no choice to do some crazy type trade....it's coming. It's hard to watch this dysfunctional group play.

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@Jmdodgesrt4   Vinny would be a nice fit on the Jets, who are looking for a upgrade over Jokinen for their second line center. They have a wealth of d-men. With the emergence of the youngster Trouba (absolute future star IMHO), a guy like Enstrom might become available. Not a perfect fit, and certainly not the #1 stud d-man we are seeking, but an upgrade over some of the crap we are icing now.  At least he has a nice shot from the point and makes crisp break out passes, 2 skills we are really lacking in.

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