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NHL might reevaluate sending players to Sochi


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By LARRY LAGE (AP Hockey Writer)3 hours agoAP - Sports

The NHL will reevaluate sending its players to the Sochi Olympics next month if something ''significant'' happens before Feb. 9.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly says in an email to The Associated Press that he doesn't expect it will be become necessary to keep NHL players home because of the steps taken by the Sochi Organizing Committee, the Russian government and the International Olympic Committee. But he says the league will re-assess if it appears to be ''an unreasonably dangerous situation'' in Russia.

Russian security has been looking for three potential female suicide bombers, one of whom is believed to be in Sochi. The country has assembled what is believed to be the biggest security operation ever for an Olympics with more than 50,000 police and soldiers.

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@Irishjim  I think a lot of countries are gonna rethink putting in an Olympic bid. It's already crazy money for planning, infrastructure and security....but these new threats are going to throw the cost of these games over the edge. Security could be in the millions, not the millions we are used to....and that's if nothing even pans out as true. There is no bigger stage for these fanatical idiots to push their cause to the forefront, I think the threats are real. Only question now....is if they can sniff them out before a horrible international incident happens.


  From an NHL perspective, they will have to keep a close eye on Russia. If there is even a 1% chance we could lose *ALL* of stars in one blink of an eye, they gotta do the right thing and back out. If that is letting the bad guys win, so be it...these guys all have families to go back to, no game or tourny is worth paying the ultimate price.

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