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Funny Fan Taunts...


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Anybody else with some good fan taunts?


From THN:

Winnipeg Jets fans are the best. They wholeheartedly commit to booing a star player from every team that rolls through the MTS Centre. They’ve chanted “Silver medal” at Ryan Miller, told Alex Ovechkin that “Crosby’s better,” and in my favorite of their efforts, they called Sidney Crosby “Mario’s poolboy.” That’s quality material.
It seems Jets fans do their homework when calculating their creative jabs. Friday night in Winnipeg when the Canucks dropped in, recently suspended John Tortorella was the target.


Sorry I can't get the video to embed. 
Gotta love the Mario's Poolboy chant ;)

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I wonder what Jets fans say when the Blackhawks come to play ... :lol:


Mario's poolboy?  Now that's a classic indeed!  :lol:


During the 1997 Wings-Avs Western Conference finals, Patrick Roy got yanked in Game 4 and the WIngs fans, to begin the 3rd period, chanted "We want Roy!".


Of course in Chicago, there's the usual "Deeeeee-troit SUCKS!" chants.

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Mario's pool boy is awesome.

I forget exactly when but think it was in the 80s and the Flyers were in Calgary. I want to say Bob Froese was in net but I'm not sure. Anyway, Calgary scored on each of it's first three shots.

When Froese finally stopped the fourth shot - - a trickler from center ice - - the crowd all yelled "Ole!"

At the time I thought that was funny as hell.

Another of my favorites was a playoff game in Philly against the Habs. The Flyers were winning the game and the series fairly handily and the Philly crowd started signing that idiotic "Ole" song.

That cracked me (and the Versus announcers) up.

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