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What a Boring Game....


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Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled they were able to put together a regulation win at home, and I realize they were exhausted from a taxing and, ultimately disappointing, road loss to the Caps on Sunday, but that was one of the most boring games I've seen this season...


If it's a game of inches, Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar sure know all about it.  How many times were they "that close"?  Oy...


But on a related note, it looks like Tomas Vanek has rejected a contract extension from the New York Islanders.  Good move by him.  Time to see what he can garner on the free agent market.  And in my opinion, it's time to see Kenny Holland be at the front of the line to woo him with a long term contract and a hefty salary.  He'll be highly sought after, but with Alfie, Bertuzzi and Cleary likely gone after this season, and the cap going up a bit, Detroit will have Plenty O' Cash to spend.

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I can very easily see Vanek going to the Wings. That makes a boat load more sense than him joining the Flyers(which personally I will pass on).

I would love to see him in Detroit, kind of like when we added Hossa five years ago. Since he left after 2009 we have had playmakers up the wazzoo and absolutely no true finishers. Vanek would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

  I agree the game was a snoozer. My wife who watches every game with me actually went to bed after the second period. I would still rather win ugly instead of lose a pretty one any day of the week.....

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Funny! The next day I started a post of a new topic entitled: A Boring, Beautiful Game. That's what it was.

Good seeing Smith in the booth. I honestly hope sitting out gives him focus to improve his game when he returns (which he will eventually).

And c'mon, a zero on the scoreboard for the OPPONENT is always a good thing, especially after posting so many of our own this season.

Shoot, the Canucks didn't even get a SOG in the 3rd until 3/4 of the way through it, and only got 3 in that period total. Our shot blocking was very good. Made things easy for Gus and Howie. They didn't even have to be good to get the SO.

Yep, it was boring, but I prefer to focus more on the beautiful.

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