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We get going and then Olympics start


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Nature of the beast during Olympic years.  Personally, I hate that the NHL stops for the Olympics and think the pros should not even play in the Olympics.  I undetrstand why they do but still rather them keep playing the season. 


Either way this should give this Team some confidence after the Olympic break.  I had them winning 2 points during the California road trip and was very pleasantly surprised with their play.   It should be a crazy week or two after the break w/ the trade deadline.  My hope is that Homer keeps his hands in his pockets and does not make any crazy moves.   Give the young core some experience down the stretch and only make a move if (a big if) grab a #1 dman.


I would not be all that upset if he tried to shed some salary.  See if you can move some of the overpriced vets for picks or prospects.  

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I get what you are saying but they have to take the points where they can get them with the division being so tight and currently being on the outside looking in.   Not like Chief can say "Ehh just play half hearted and hope for the best so we can save ourselves until after the break." 

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I'm with @murraycraven,and not just because he's named after one of my favorite players. I just hate that they stop the season for the Olympics. Mostly because I couldn't care less about the Olympics. But also just because I think it makes the league look Mickey Mouse. It is what it is, though.

More to the point of the thread, it may be okay to give our team a break. It could screw up the most Carolina has going at the moment too

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This occurred to me as well....and not just for the Flyers, but a certain group of other teams as well who, like Philadelphia, may not be automatic contenders given what  has gone on this season thus far, but that nonetheless have been on some good rolls...then the Olympic break stops the team momentum.


Can a team like Philly, Columbus, Carolina, Ottawa or even the Rangers in the East, who all have been playing well to very well lately, re-start the season after the Olympics and continue where they left off?

That will be an interesting thing to see.


Same could be said out West for teams like Phoenix, Dallas, Winnipeg, and possibly Minnesota too.


Teams who would probably be LEAST affected (but by all means not immune), would probably be teams at the very top of their respective conferences or teams who are at the lowest rungs of the standings.


Others who had been playing about .500 hockey can go either way, although I would think that the break would help them in the sense that if the reason they had been .500 was because of key injuries....the break buys the team time for guys to get better, come back, and the team could re-start stronger than before the Olympics started.

Tampa Bay and Detroit come to mind here.


At first, I wasn't bothered by the Olympics causing a stoppage in the season for the 2 week or so period, but now that I have thought about it some more, I can see the point of the break causing issues for some teams.

Not only in the sense of playing games, winning-losing, momentum, etc...but also on the front office side of things with transaction freezes and teams needing to jumble around their decision making process because the NHL trade deadline really isn't the NHL trade deadline due to the break causing a 'no transaction buffer zone' in between.


Not sure how this can be solved for future Olympics, but yea, I can see how the break can be a pain for some teams perceived chances at finishing strong.

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Meant no offence, and wasn't directed at you, it just the fact that these players need the practice, and to heal a bit if need be.  I don't think they should get two-three weeks of sun and fun.  They'll get plenty of that come April / May.....


I do wonder what the actual 'rule' to that is.....



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  I know the AHL schedule will continue like normal, but I'm wondering if the Flyers can stay sharp by holding some orange vs white scrimmages....let the winners get some days off or throw some cash at them, something to make it "real". I think that kinda thing would be great for the team. While other teams take it easy, hopefully they ramp it up and keep themselves sharp.

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