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Another puzzling Snow trade....


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  Well, the Snow Express is at it again. Not an earth shattering trade by any means, but a puzzling one. Islanders trade Peter Regin and Jean-Marc Bouchard to the Black Hawks for a 4th round pick. Not only do the Hawks add depth at forward, but the Islanders have to pay 50% of their salaries going forward. I recall the Islanders making another minor deal this season where they agreed to pay some of the salary going out....which leads to my question.....


  Is there a limit on deals a team can make where they retain a portion of the outgoing players salary? One of the readers in the TSN article comment section seems to think that teams are limited to 3 moves like this, which would put the Islanders at the limit. Does anyone know if such a rule exists....if so, this may really hurt their ability to trade Vanek, or get full value for him. A team in cap trouble could have had the Islanders retain some of Vanek's salary, which obviously gives them more teams as potential trading partners.


 How does Snow keep his job?? These are very useful depth players with playoff experience. A 4th rounder for both??




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  Bouchard has always been fragile but capable of a second or third line role. the fact that the Isles haven't been able to make it work for a solid player such as he speaks volumes. it is a matter of time until Laviolette takes over this team....

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Pierre-Marc Bouchard.


You'd think all French Canadiens were the same given how some Anglophiles act. :ph34r:


Bouchard has had concussion issues and hasn't been the same player since coming back IMO.


Still, two guys for a fourth is more than a little puzzling, yes.

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@radoran  The only way I can make *any* sense out of this trade is it frees up 2 spots on the 50 contracts limit. They were right up against the wall with 50 pro contracts, so now they have created wiggle room when and if they make any deadline deals.

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