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Snider Rips Yzerman over Giroux "snub"

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Just so I understand this correctly (and I did read the entire article)- Ed Snider loathes NHL players attending the Winter Olympics, and thinks that it is the worst idea ever in the history of bad ideas, and that the NHL is the only professional sport that sends players to participate during the regular season, yet he is pi$$ed that his "star" player is not participating in an event that he hates?   Meanwhile in Crazyville, Al Sharpton is peeved that there is no minority representation in the S

Well I do agree with Ed once he starts talking about sending the players to the Olympics.  The fact that they have to take such a long break in mid-season is really ridiculous.  I love watching the level of hockey with the NHL players on the teams, but I HATE the Olympic break in season.  Players risk injury mid-season, playing for a team that is not paying their salary.  I don't blame the players for wanting to play and if given the opportunity, they should take it.   As far as G is concerned,

@radoran  It's outrageous for Snider to even consider saying that. Better than half the players there....pfffft. Claude is not there cause he got off to a HORRIBLE start on the season. On such a talented team, there is no room for slumps...he has to own that.

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