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USA up 1-0 over Canada after 40 mins...


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  Anyone else watching this??  Hilary Knight with a BEAUTY of a tip on the pp scores the go ahead goal. Both goalies playing some great hockey. This 3rd period should be a barn burner. First goal the Canadians have given up this Olympics. Canada's pp 0-3 so far, they need to get that going....

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What a great game!! I could not believe the skill set on display. Every bit as entertaining as anything the men will throw out there in the tourney. These two teams are so many miles above the rest of the field it is not even funny, what a pleasure to watch, I don't care about that quick whistle, Canada outplayed the USA for most of the game and especially the third period.

  But again the final score didn't matter, these women were the real deal. One hell of a game, period.

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That was an incredibly entertaining game.  The "controversial goal" by Canada was a goal; it was the whistle that may have been too quick, but the goal was good.  The "body check" penalty confused me, because the ref wasn't even close to consistent in enforcing it.  Also, the Canadians routinely were icing 6 and sometimes 7 players throughout the game, why did they get called for a penalty that one time?  That had to make them mad.


I'm looking forward to a rematch for the Gold, this time with championship quality officiating.

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