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Olympic spirit personified!


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  This is the living breathing personification of what the Olympics are all about!!  How great is this story?? 




  The story goes, Canadian speed track skater Junio Gilmore gave away his lifelong dream, competing in the Olympics to Denny Morrison, rationalizing that Denny gave the Canadians the best chance to win, and it was Morrision's last chance to compete in the Olympics, due to age....where Junio will have other shots, as he is pretty young.



 What does Denny Morrison do with his awesome gift...A SILVER MEDAL for CANADA....WOW....that is AWESOME


 People work their whole lives for a shot to compete at the Olympics, this is the most amazing show of grace, compassion and sportsmanship I've ever seen!!

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I saw that and agree. Gilmore is still going to compete in Sochi, he just gave his spot up in the 1000M: 


" Teammate Gilmore Junio announced yesterday that he was giving up his spot in the event to allow Morrison to compete, saying "it’s in the best interest of the team if [Morrison] races.""

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