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Sundin "almost disgusted" with Russian performance


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Mats Sundin gave his opinion of the host Team Russias lameass no-show against an injury-plagued Finnish team when he had this to say....



"I was almost disgusted by their performance when they played Finland," said the 43-year-old who played 18 seasons in the NHL. "I look at the Finnish team and they're missing key players. They don't have any of their big stars and now [Rask] is hurt and that Russian team is stacked with great players and to come out and have that performance they had in the quarterfinals. It was an absolutely heartless performance.

"It was very disappointing and I don't think it's very good for hockey either to have them out of their home tournament. You wonder when you have Putin in the stands on home ice and you can't get heart out of these guys? What's going to bring it out? I don't know," he said.


 He also picked Canada to beat his home Swedish team in the Gold medal game


 There's no doubt that the Swedish team...are not where you would think to call them a gold medal favourite at this point [without] Henrik Sedin and Henrik Zetterberg, two of the best centremen we have playing right now," said Sundin. "For them to get to the finals here, to get by Finland...I'll hold Canada as the favourites to win the gold medal, but if you have [Henrik] Lundqvist playing an enormous game in the final, there's a shot. But it's a long shot for sure."


 Funny, he doesn't mention Canadas loss of Stamkos and Tavares, who I'll take over Sedin and Zetterberg all day.



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Rask is in goal today for Finland.


The only thing that is going to bring out the effort for the Russians is the competition to making the team in the first place, that and a burning desire to win.  I do think Bob should have been the starting goalie for Russia.  Russia really lacks the quality of the d-men in comparison to the other 4 teams in the medal games.

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 I think we discussed the Russians lack of quality on the backend before the Olympics started. Bob definately looked like the better goalie from what I saw, though I admit I didn't see all their games. Maybe if they'd give out a billion dollars instead of gold medals they'd be more motivated? Although Putin probably already put that out there.

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