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Quick starting in Bronze medal game


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@Hockey Junkie


Maybe Miller was the better choice today especially in back to back games.  But you can't really fault Blysma's reasoning to go with Quick as he had a 1.47 GAA prior to the Bronze medal game either.  I'd put more blame on this game on the numerous shots that were high and wide.  Patrick Kane had a horrible game.  There really wasn't any reason also to pull Quick after 3 goals as USA couldn't score.


But as I said in the shoutbox, I do feel good about Teemu Selannie and Kimmo Timonen EARNING Bronze medals.  Class acts both of them.  Selannie sets a new record earning 4 Olympic medals.  Finland was the more desperate team today and they deserved the win.

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In all reality Finland was deflated too, but they as a team came to play. Read some of the comments from the players they know they were flat. Tha USA was too cautious, they didn't use their speed. Sure give some blame to coaching, but it comes down to the players effort, and they didn't have it.

As far as Howard goes, just look at his inconsistent record this year. I would have started Miller before Howard.

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I expected they would be deflated.   But why not give Howard a chance to play?  In an international game?  Stupid.  And coaching was part of it.  They were outcoached yesterday and today.  Did not make the right adjustments.  Look at what Ted Nolan did vs Canada to score.  He had them terrified


 Howard turns 30 in March. At times this year, he regressed, already showing signs of age. If the NHL participates in Korea, I don't see a 34 year old Howard being part of the team. He did play for the USA in the 2002 World Juniors, and played 7 games for the US in the 2012 World Championships, so he has got some previous playing time for the USA. There is a good chance Bishop and Quick are on the 2018 team, but Howard....I'm not sold.

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