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Who makes the Playoffs from the Western Conference?


Who makes the playoffs - Western Conference?  

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  1. 1. Assuming Anaheim / St. Louis / Chicago / San Jose / and Colorado are locks to make the playoffs, who are the remaining 3 teams to make the playoffs?

    • LA Kings
    • Minnesota Wild
    • Dallas Stars
    • Phoenix Coyotes
    • Vancouver Canucks
    • Winnipeg Jets
    • Nashville Predators

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I really like what @WingNut722 did to start a topic in the Red Wings section regarding playoffs.  If it is OK with @WingNut722, I would like to expand that to include all the teams in the Western Conference.  I listed the teams and their current standings as of today.  Of all the teams, which 8 make the playoffs?  That means the 3 top teams from each division and the 2 Wildcard teams.


The Western Conference, as compared to the Eastern Conference, has a bit more divide between your top tier teams and your bottom feeders.  In other words, I don't think the field is as wide open in the West as compared to the East.  Again for the sake of argument let's define the teams that I think (as sure many of you feel the same) which are locks to make the playoffs (barring some sort of extreme calamity of disastrous proportions).  Those teams are Anaheim / St. Louis / Chicago / San Jose / Colorado.  I am also going to leave out Calgary and Edmonton which don't have a hope or a prayer of sniffing the playoffs.  Therefore you only need to pick the other 3 teams which are going to make the playoffs.


Be prepared to defend for or against why certain teams will make it and other teams will fade away until draft time.  This can be based off of remaining schedule. key injuries (if any), intangibles, possible trades.  I think this is a great idea for a thread.  I hope most of you agree with me.


Current Standings (as of 2/25/14)


1. 87 points - Anaheim Ducks (LOCK)

2. 84 points - St. Louis Blues (LOCK)

3. 84 points - Chicago Blackhawks (LOCK)

4. 80 points - San Jose Sharks (LOCK)

5. 79 points - Colorado Avalanche (LOCK)


6. 68 points - LA Kings



7. 69 points - Minnesota Wild

8. 64 points - Dallas Stars


BUBBLE TEAMS: (In the Hunt)

  9. 64 points - Phoenix Coyotes

10. 63 points - Vancouver Canucks

11. 62 points - Winnipeg Jets

12: 60 points - Nashville Predators




13. 51 points - Calgary Flames

14. 57 points - Edmonton Oilers

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Great topic! I was just going to post something along these lines and looked up and WHAM! you already had it.






1.Ducks 2. Blues 3. Hawks 4. Sharks 5. Avalanche 6. Kings


IMHO gonna make it:


7. Wild 8. Canucks


  I really like the Jets chances if they can get a goalie at the deadline, the Stars are sure possible, I hate the Canucks, but they know how to get there and they are the team that most needed the rest of the Olympic break.

  But what do I know, I am the guy  who picked the  Senators to win it in the preseason, lol

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Top 6:


1. Ducks

2. Blackhawks

3. Blues

4. Sharks

5. Kings - scoring drought ends and they will rise in the ranks

6. Avalanche - are going to fall some with some goaltending struggles.


Wild Card

7. Wild  -- this is probably my iffy pick.  Still concerned on the goaltending.

8. Coyotes - play with consistency and move into the top 8.

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  I've got the KIngs, WIld and Jets sneaking into the playoffs. The Kings have been there, and won in the clutch, so they can draw on the vets, defense and goaltending to carry them through. The Wild have a lot of depth, and young legs which will come in handy. The Jets looked great before the break, and after they fired their coach. I expect this to continue. They need to make trade a d-man to add goals, and I believe that will put them over the hump....but STRONG play for an extended period of time will be needed from Pavlec, who is capable I think.

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