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The Hurricanes goalie situation


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  Cam Ward started in net last night against the lowly Buffalo Sabres as the post Olympic break kicked off. Cam Ward making his first start since late December lost 3-2, giving up a goal to Christian Erhoff with less than two minutes to go, Erhoff's second of the night as the Sabres rode a brilliant start by Ryan Miller who was swarmed all night stopping 36 shots.


  Cam Ward made only 15 saves, only three from up close as the Cane defense was solid all night. He looked slow and rusty.


Anton Khudobin came over as an UFA from the Bruins in the offseason in an under the radar move, he is the absolute main reason that they are peripherally hanging around the playoff race. Now Ward, an icon and hero to the Cane nation is back and the toughest decision in Kirk Muller's coaching career has to be made. 

  The two, Ward and Khudobin have now played virtually the same amount of ice time. The stats, comparing the two of them:


NAME           GS       GAA.      SV PCT.        W     L 


WARD          19         3.14        .893              6     13


KHUBODIN  19         2.14        .927              13    6


  It is insane how well Khubodin,    a relatively unknown has come in and picked up the baton after Justin Peters played poorly and picked up the baton and has carried the club into contention.

  So who do you run with down the stretch where every point can make or break your season? Do you give Ward a chance to shake off the rust and hope he becomes the Ward who for nearly a decade has been one of the most underrated goalies in the game? Or do you ride the hot hand and even consider trading Ward to fill a hole in your top six forwards?

  Tough decision for the Canes.  

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 Miller came off the Olympics where he played little but practised daily. In other words no rust and not tired. He's also playing for a trade and a big shiny new contract.


 Ward is probably coming off 2 weeks of Red Stripe in Jamaica. Khudobin is a fairly highly rated goalie I think who was let go from Boston because of Rask and Subban. I always feel you go with the hot hand...though Carolina is going nowhere IMO.

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Cam Ward is and always has been a pretty middling goalie who had a hot run in the playoffs as a rookie playing for a coach that did everything he could to avoid playing him in the first place.


His career 2.74/.910 isn't that impressive. By way of comparison A Goalie Who Shall Not Be Named has a career 2.55/.913.


He hasn't been below 2.5 since 08-09.


If I'm Carolina, I'm looking at Khudobin down the stretch. But Carolina's probably looking at the next two years on Ward's NTC deal ($6.3M cap hit) and going with that.

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  I was the guy begging for the Flyers to sign Khodobin when he was UFA last summer. Instead he signs a deal just over a mill with the Canes, he would have really pushed Mason and been a perfect 1-2 duo for the Flyers.


 I've always contended, Khodobin is the best non starter in the NHL, and my views have not changed.

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