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Pekka Rinne close to return


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  Pekka Rinne will be playing this weekend, both Friday and Sunday for the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL in a conditioning stint, with the plans to return to the lineup next week for the Predators.


  Somehow with a offence that cannot shoot their way out of a paper bag and a series of not ready for prime time players in doing at best a poor imitation of goaltenders in net the Predators have managed to remain in contention, currently sitting a mere 5 points behind the Canucks for the eighth spot in the West.


  Barry Trotz has been rumored to be on the hot seat all year, the only coach in the history of the Preds in my opinion has done a wonderful job of keeping his club on the edge of contention with arguably the best goalie in the game out for all but 9 games all season. Granted, the rest of the club has been eerily healthy but this was the one player, even more than Weber whom the club could least afford to be without and to be only 5 points out is a remarkable testament to a great coach.

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@yave1964  The whole management team has been great holding this ship together. Should be real interesting to see how they approach the deadline. Maybe, they get a LEGIT #1 center....for once!!  I've never seen a team go so long without a legit option down the middle. Fisher and Colin Wilson are #2's at best. I really thought the last draft would have been the time for them to draft the franchise center.....who woulda thunk that Jones would fall into their lap like that??

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