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Bryz goes Wild


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Literally costs Minnesota nothing. OK, not literally. It cost them a 4th rounder.


They have no commitment to space cadet past this season.


Moderate risk, potential high reward.


Not the move I would have made, but I can see where Minny is coming from.

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 First time I've heard a playoff spot refereed to as "nothing"   :P


Minny's seven points up and nine points up on their primary rivals for a playoff spot at the moment and are about to get their captain and #1 center back.


Adding a backup goalie ain't gonna change much.




Basically it is an insurance move, for a 4th round pick so Backstrom can get his hernia fixed.  Hopefully Kuemper keeps rolling out the wins.



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I might be mistaken but didn't we trade a 3 round pick to just speak to Bryz?  Now he is traded for a 4th rounder...  SMH...


Jeebus, murray, the Flyers wouldn't part with a 3rd rounder just to SPEAK to a player, unless that third rounder was paired with another third rounder and a player.


Which they did.



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Trade him to Crimea


Actually, I'm waiting for a journalist to ask Bryz what he makes of it. I'd be asking all the Russian players what they think, whether they believe in democracy and the rule of law or if they think that stuff is only for rich athletes...

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