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Trade moves

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In Indiana here... Confused. Yes. Content with the recent trades? I'm still trying to figure that out. I do indeed enjoy our front office in Montreal. Marc Bergevin is really bringing back our team from the past years. We need a reason to be proud and we have the players to do so... On the other hand and back to my point we acquired Mike Weaver a 35 year old, 5'8" defensemen. I'm sure he's a great guy and he probably would help our younger players with his experience, but to me it doesn't make sense. Why not go out and pick up size to accommodate our small players. First and foremost we have a great group of talent. When we play as a team and skate fast and play physical we have a chance to win against anyone. I truly do mean anyone, but when we play other big teams like Boston, Toronto, etc. we can't hang in long, even with Gallagher in front of the net at 5'9" what happens when big Chara comes up and stomps on him? George Parros? Listen I like the guy as much as anyone but he is concussion prone!!!! But I do appreciate what he does! No doubt about it, he is a huge part of the small guys playing well when he is in. But, i digress. I have serious questions with little answers, from what I know. What's the deal with Markov? Is he staying or going? What about a straight up trade for Byfuglien? He has size, a great shot and he is a two way player. His defense is weak due to his size, but what he offers offensively and size wise out weighs that. I like P.K. Too but I feel he is a cancer in the locker room... I hope I'm wrong. I wish him a long career but I feel his passion is a little misplaced sometimes. I may be far away but I am a loyal fan ever since 1989! (The year I was born) Please Marc, and front office in Montreal. PLEASE, make a deal to put size on our squad. It'll help in the playoffs and from the dreaded Bruins. I'm just joking but seriously... I dislike them when we play them. Especially Marchand. In the long run, this is what needs to happen. Protect Gallagher and Galchenyuk. Win hockey games.Peace out and Han on!

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I love Gallagher, a little guy with a big motor and can flat out play.


  Not sure what to think of the trade for Weaver, just a body on the blue line, mid thirties and never done much.


 Gallagher = Wendel Clark minus the right cross....LOL!  He actually reminds me a LOT of Clark....same hustle, same feisty nature, same tenacious never say die forecheck...lot's to like here!!  Kid is just a natural born leader and winner. He will be captain of the Habs some day, mark my words!!

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