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Dutchmen v Gophers

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What a great game. If not for Wilcox it would have been blown wide open earlier. 


Ghost was the best player on the ice. I am very impressed at how many folks were in game chat and watching the game. Missed Jammer as he loves junior hockey. 


I was so impressed with the pace and smarts of both teams. Being a CC alumni, I was happy to see the powerhouse gophers lose. Yet these are kids. 





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I read Gostisbehere won tournament MVP. Good for him. Kid sounds like he's going to be a player.

Yes a goal and two assist and finished +7 in the game not the tournament. ...is impressive as hell I don't care wha t level it was done on.

Homer gets ripped all the time someone including myself needs to pat him on the back for finding this kid in the 3rd. I can't wait to see him do what I saw him do yesterday in the orange and black, if you haven't seen him play kid can straight move witht the puck on his stick.

And to be labeled an offensive defenseman he was outstanding in his own zone, I lost count of how many possible great stops he made. Now i see why everyone was raving about him and everyone else will too soon....we have a star on our hands.

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 Just posted in the other thread about his +/-. pretty awesome.


 Homer deserves credit for taking him...he also deserves ripping for trading away so many picks or taking goons with 3rd rounders when you can clearly see there's quality players like this still available, the odds just aren't as good as first rounders.

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he also deserves ripping for trading away so many picks or taking goons with 3rd rounders


Well that is the one then he does get him here, he certainly get his share here in that regard...i'm just trying to give him some praise here too since it seems not to come his way to often....and i'm not defending him just pointing it out....just like you aid i'm mad at him for taking Goulbourne instead of Bjorkstrand for example...who only has 19 points( 9g 10a ) in 9 games and +10 as we speak in the WHL playoffs......nahhhhh who needs guys with skillz like that when you can have more fist on the team!  :ph34r:

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Watched the replay (for the most part) of the game yesterday. As good as he was offensively, I have to say I was thrilled with how great he was defensively. Throwing himself in front of shots, making great stick checks after blocking the lane with his body, seems to always have his stick in the way of the oppositions pass.


 If I had to nitpick I'd say he sometimes tries to do too much. With the game he was having, I don't blame him. His coach was foolish not throwing him out on the 1st pp....everything he did turned to gold, the pp wasn't working, can you say no-brainer?


 If there were 3 MVPs of that game, he would have got all 3.

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