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Some of what I write here may seem hypocritical because i have been preaching patience for the past seasons, (well actually forever) but especially since the Carter/Richards trades.,


However, patience only works if team is constructed in an efficient manner.  And MagnumPI has determined that this team has been constructed in an ill conceived manner.  Even worse, I haVE concluded Clarke was a much better GM than Homer.


Now, the following ideas are what I would do if he were in Ed Snider's position.  I understand that all of the following ideas will not occur and most of them have zero chance of happening under Ed Snider's leadership.  Snider will continue operating under the "Flyer Way" and continue repeating the same mistakes of the past 40 years.  Flyer fans are in the same predicament as the Oakland Raiders prior to the passing of Al Davis - a once proud franchise stuck in neutral until the death of a senile owner; and the same current plight of Dallas Cowboy fans.


1) Comcast fire Ed snider


2) Hire someone oversee operations from outside the organization and he'll hire a GM, and the GM will then hire the coach.  (this doesn't exclude Hextall from consideration as GM)


3) Player moves


-  roster for next season - the only guarantees


1) Giroux/Vorachek

2) Simmonds

3) Courtier/Read

4) Laughton


Streit/Mcdonald - by default due to contract situation


G - Mason


I would be open to ttrading Read/Courtier and Laughton if it involved an elite player coming in return.  Read and Courtier will never be elite players.  They are very good 3rd line players on a championship team.  Neither will ever be a legit 2nd line player on a championship team.  I suspect Laughton has the same ceiling.

I would consider trading Simmonds as well in a similar scenario.  He's a borderline 2nd line player on a championship team.  You'll need him to play with a pair of superior players on that 2nd line. 

REad/Courtier/simmonds will never be impact players; however only trade them if you're getting great value in return.  In other words do no seek to trade them but do not pass an opportunity to acquire an elite dman, winger, or center because you want to keep them.


Luke Scheen - very similar to the above commentary.  His ceiling is a #4 dman on a championship team.  Again, don't dump him for the sake of dumping because you're mad at his play but if an opportunity arises then move him.


Hartnell/Lecavalier - dump them for anything, another hot persian weather girl, whatever


Brayden Schenn - MagnumPI has concluded his ceiling is a #2 center on an bottom of the rung playoff team.  Magnum can't rely on Brayden Schenn to carry a second line.  He's a tweener between a #2 and #3 center on a championship team.  If you conclude he can play wing then keep him but if not trade him while he still has value.  IF he''s a winger with Simmonds then you better get a stud #2 because Schenn and Simmonds as your 2nd line wings on a championshop level team is pushing it.  Better have two elite centers in that scenario - Giroux and ??????  Stasny?


Timonen/Grossman - Adios, Au revoir


Coburn - probably will have to keep him.  MagnumPI wouldn't dump him but in the right deal he'd be out of town.


Keep the 6th dman spot open for a young guy ie Ghost or Gus or whoever.  If no young player steps up next season then you can acaquire a #6 dman sometime before the trade deadline


Free Agents


Sign Stasny and Vanek

and the best puck moving dman.  Magnum hears pittsburgh has a nice UFA, begins with an A


Trade for Weber and Bobby Ryan.


Again, Magnum knows all these moves likely would never occur in a single off-season but Magnum is suggesting pursuing these moves.

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I got this far:  


Trade for Weber and Bobby Ryan.



Not.  Going.  To.  Happen.  


ruxpin agrees.  ruxpin is not even sure ruxpin would be interested in Bobby Ryan at this point.  ruxpin wasn't really impressed with Ryan in Ottawa.  Ruxpin thinks maybe this is the type of player we should be shooting for for help on the wing but not necessarily this specific player.

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ruxpin edited out all the third person. ruxpin hopes he got it all.
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Coach X would like to know what the hell is being discussed here? Coach X caught a glimpse of the word starting with "K" and went into a frenzy. A pile up at the bottom of the escaltor ensued

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