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Norris trophy Candidates announced


who should win the Norris  

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  1. 1. Who gets your vote

    • Duncan Keith
    • Shea Weber
    • Zdeno Chara

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The three finalists for the Norris trophy award for the leagues best d-man have been announced.

Zdeno Chara of Boston was chosen as a finalist even though you could easily make the argument that he was not the best d-man on his own team. He did have 17 goals, 23 assists and a plus 25.

Shea Weber had 23 goals and 33 assists and averaged 27 minutes a night.

Duncan Keith had 6 goals and 55 assists and led the potent Hawks offense from the point.

To me the true Norris candidate who I would take over either Chara or Weber and possibly even Keith would be Alex Pietrangelo who was as Lidstrom-esque as humanly possible. 8 goals, 43 assists, a plus 20 he was the MVP of the Blues and deserves consideration. Chara being on the list over Pietrangelo IMHO is a joke plain and simple. He is not worthy of consideration and East Coast bias is the only explanation, that or lazy voters simply going by name is the only thing I can think of.

My vote goes to Keith, he fed the wingers all year from the point, playing the puck and showing the vision that only the greatest of all time from defense do.

My order:

1. Keith

2. Pietrangelo

3. Weber

Around 10 or so, Chara. Not saying he is not still a damn good d-man but being a finalist for the Norris is a joke.

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Damnit you posted as I was typing mine up hahaha


ill just copy and paste what I wrote here


I am leaning towards Duncan Keith. Excellent on both ends of the ice and highest point total of the 3. Arguably as good defensively as Chara.


Weber's points and play have been great, but how often does a defenseman whose team did not make the playoffs win the Norris? Has it ever happened? Weber has points in between the two other finalists and is only -2 on a bad hockey team, and he lead his team in scoring.


Chara is outstanding as usual, but not as outstanding as previous years. A 21 point lead by Duncan Keith and similar +/- on the best defensive team in Hockey.


Vlasic defensively is around the top of the pile and may find his way into the top 10 after votes are counted

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