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Rangers & Flyers fan fight from Game 6


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Someone mentioned in game chat last night that they noticed a fight in the stands (right around the time Simmner and Boyle were going at it)...wonder if this is it.






Deadspin has the story behind the dust-up. Apparently a Rangers fan was laying down some pretty heavy smack talk. After ushers failed to calm him down, security tried to remove him. He resisted and flailed his arms, hitting a Flyers fan in the process. That’s when all hell broke loose.

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Not a fan of all the brave guys jumping in to hit that guy when he was down...that's bush league.

That said, if you're going to act like an ass expect to be treated like one. If you're going to show up and root against the home team AND be belligerent about it, someone might take exception to it.

I'm never a fan of group think violence though

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totally agree.  That is why I almost never attend a profession sporting event anymore.  The violence is ridiculous especially at NFL games. Fans take this stuff way to serious.  This happens all over the country.  Unfortunately our society in general has lost respect with one another.  To add fuel to the fire, you add a healthy dose of alcohol to the mix and crap like this unfortuantely occurs.


We joke around and have a good time with the fans of all teams on this forum here but it is all done in fun. 

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