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No skill

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The biggest problem is we break out standing still without any fluidity, pucks in skates, taking passes off the boards on the backhand constantly backtracking to restart the rush. The Rangers move out with speed and precision, 1 2 3. We need a few more skill guys up front, and more than anything we need 2 skilled young defensemen who can ,skate, shoot and play defense.

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Thanks doom, I think your just jealous of my endowment and astute hockey mind... Glad we finally agree on something.....now the reality...we do not have a lot of chips to trade in which to improve our defense,and the dmen we have in the AHL are not highly skilled and are certainly not top 3 dmen. Our most skilled dmen, Ghost, Morin and Haag, are a year or two away from making the team .So we will once again be forced to trade for defense. There is no way we have a prayer to win a Cup without at least one dominating defenseman. We can realistically get one defenseman by offering up either, Coots, Schenn or Laughton . I'm not saying any of them are gonna get us a legit # 1or 2 dman at this point, but we can get a skilled young dman with the "potential" to be a top 2 guy. A guy who was drafted in the past few years but has not yet arrived, much in the way Coots, B Schenn and Laugton have potential to be real good but are not yet there.

There have been a lot of good skilled young dmen drafted by other teams over the last 2-3 years and that's what we need to target . There are some teams that have a number of good young defenseman maybe they need a center and are willing to give up a young dman

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@Vanflyer, we still have too many centers and when we move them to wing they don't do so well playing out of position. We also have Laughton on the way,so what are we gonna do with all these centers? Also if we sign FAs we are gonna overpay and have to sign these guys to the usual 5 year deals, are they worth it ?

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