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Giroux named finalist for Hart


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who was better than Crosby this year ?  i mean really ?


that Giroux was nominated is great, he is the straw that stirs the drink around here he led the team and as we just learned is invaluable to our team's success.

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who was better than Crosby this year ? i mean really ?

That isn't what the trophy is for, though. It's the player most valuable to his team. Pittsburgh is still pretty good without Crosby. Philly takes a bigger hit minus giroux, so on that front, giroux should beat out Crosby. I don't think giroux should win it, though. My vote would be for price, though apparently he wasn't even nominated. The Habs would have long since been toast of not for him. No player made a bigger difference for his team.

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If I had a vote (I don't), I'd vote for Crosby based on exactly the criteria aziz stated.

Price is an interesting choice. I personally don't vote for a goalie for this but appreciate the reasoning.

Why I vote for Crosby is because this year I don't think the "they'd be fine without him" works. They had a LOT of injuries and man games lost this year and WITH him really didn't blink. And malkin wasn't particularly good this year so I think even more fell on Crosby.

Ordinarily, I'd be all lock step with aziz on the "good without him" reasoning but this year I'm not sure it's the case.

I think second place would go to Getzlaf for me

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