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G- Mathieu Garon, 36, Retires

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Journeyman goaltender Mathieu Garon (aka, Arnold Vosloo, aka The Mummy's Imhotep ;)  )
, has called it a career.
From TSN Canada
Garon, although having played for many teams, will be remembered by THIS fan as the guy who was able to bridge between Dwayne Roloson to Ben Bishop the Bolts have today.
Mathieu has also played for the Columbus Blue Jackets, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, and a short stint with the Penguins and prior to this retirement announcement, was most recently with the Omsk Avangard of the KHL.
For the most part, Garon was a career backup goaltender.
He seemed to play well enough in that role, but, when asked to play above and beyond that role, was exposed as not being a true NHL starting goalie.
Still though, and I don't speak for other fanbases, I think he was just what the Lightning needed after Dwayne Roloson no longer was Superman, and TB had a bunch of inexperienced guys in the minors.
The guy played whatever role the Lightning asked of him, backup, starter, mop up, played hurt....never complained, never was a distraction, and always said the right things in regards to his coaching staff and teammates.
He played just well enough for the Bolts while they continued to search what he had to know, would be his eventual replacements.
Enter Anders Lindback and Ben Bishop, and the rest, as they say, came to pass.
Thank you Mathieu Garon for taking on the the goaltending role (in all its forms) for the Lightning and never, EVER appearing like you wished you were somewhere else or playing as if you were disinterested, as I would imagine, it would have been VERY easy for a veteran goaltender to do given the situation in Tampa Bay at the time.
You gave it everything you had all the time and gave fans, such as myself, some hope that the team would soon turn in the right direction pending the maturity of the team you had in front of you.
Here is hoping Mathieu Garon enjoys his retirement, and even though he achieved just 'journeyman' status in the NHL, it is ALOT more than many other past goaltenders can say they did in the league.
Oh, and Mr. Garon, I would push REAL hard for those Mummy and Scorpion King royalties....Hollywood should NOT be allowed to use your likeness without the proper compensation! :P

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