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The Evander Kane dilemna


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The dilemma facing the Winnipeg Jets this offseason, other than deciding what to do about their netminding (they cannot possibly be serious about considering bringing back Pavelec in a starting role again can they?) is what to do about Evander Kane.

Let me start by saying I think that the 22 year old Kane is an enormous talent wasting away in Winnipeg. Some players can adjust to the wastelands of Manitoba others cannot. His race is a big deal, it seems to be a bigger deal to him than to a lot of black hockey players, not too many articles about him are written where race is not mentioned, usually using a recent quote by Kane himself.

He was okay last year, 41 points in 63 games in an injury plagued year but was booed regularly at home. He has a civil suit hanging over his head from a man named Lev Makievsky who states that he was assaulted by Kane without provocation last August and has suffered life altering injuries as a result. This is at the beginning of this, far from the end.

He is a kid, still very raw, he looks like in the right system he could be the next true power forward, he also looks lost and as if he hates and abhors everything about playing in Winnipeg.

He is 22 and has already played over 300 games with 99 goals and scored 30 in a season in his first season in Winnipeg. He has proven he can play.

I do not believe the fans in Winnipeg are turning on Kane because of his race.

I DO believe that Kane has turned on the city of Winnipeg and is using race as his excuse to get out of dodge.

He should be dealt. I believe he will be dealt. I would love to see him in Detroit though truth be told they likely will not deal for him. But if anyone needs a fresh start in a fresh town or Province it is Kane.

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