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Congrats to the Habs


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Montreal in a classic game 7 defeated the Bruins behind Carey Price and his 29 saves and the dagger through the heart by Danny Briere with a power play goal with less than three minutes to go in the game.

The Smurfs showed heart and talent, looking like the fastest team in the game throughout the series. Boston looked old and slow while Montreal looked young and hungry.

One of my favorite players in the game is Brendan Gallagher, another smurf but one who drives the net constantly and who plays lie he is seven foot tall. He had two assists last night including on the game winner.

How do they stack up against the Rangers? New York is playing a trap defense with a lot of big bodies, but somehow I think Montreal has the best chance of exploiting that type of game of anyone.

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The Mayor of Boston loses bet so the Habs flag will fly in front of Boston City Hall.    LOL


I also didn't foresee the Habs moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals, but they are a fun group to watch.  I fully expect the matchup between the Rangers and Canadiens to go 7 as the Rangers also have speed and defensively are far more disciplined than the Bruins.

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Not sure how many of us picked the Habs but it sure wasn't me. Price is a rock in net. The speed of the Habs worked well for them and should help against the Rangers.



Who knew this could be so intimidating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ph34r: 




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