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Sharks Exit interviews

J0e Th0rnton

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Just been listening to all the exit interviews from the players and then some of their later interviews.


Strange to hear so many perspectives.


Thornton is depressed beyond belief in the interview and talking about how everything has to change. Is not sure why the team got away from the gameplan and heavy forechecking and hitting.


Marleau is down and mentions his bumps and bruises, how good luck and bounces were plentiful in the first few games, but dried up, but there's always next year attitude. Feels like he let the coach down.


Pavelski ended up echoing Thornton at the end, but said "I dunno" a few times.


Couture seems the most depressed. Can't even think of watching hockey now.


Burns thinks he got too into the physical aspect of it and got away from the gameplan(He NEVER follows the gameplan anyways. He is an enraged wookie who only plays well with Thornton)


Torres was walking wounded badly after game 2 and probably should have been resting. But Torres was critical about how he loves the room, but the team needs to decide if it wants to just be a good team, or a winner.


Boyle calls it the worst loss of his career. Boyle is proud of the way he played in the series and wants to come back and thinks he was part of the solution, not the problem(LOL. I would be embarassed by the way you played Boyle)



But some updates. Sharks ownership is keeping Doug Wilson and Todd Mclellan. Larry Robinson will be given an expanded coaching role next year. This year he was mentoring the yound defense and working on heling the sharks PK. Did a great job too given the progress Braun and Demers made.


Havlat has been flat out told he will not be back. Boyle has been told "Thanks. good luck with your next team"

Burns has been told he is moving back to defense.


The rest is up for speculation. Before all the "trade XXX" ideas, Thornton and Marleau just resigned with full unconditional no movement clauses, extended off their last contract and both want to retire there, so there is no window or ability to trade them. Pavelski and Couture both have conditional no trade clauses(Standard pick 10 teams you hate, we can't trade you there)


Wilson just went on record saying he has no regrets over Thornton/Marleau's contracts, and labelled Hertl, Nieto and Mueller as untouchable. Vlasic was also labelled as untouchable.


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