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Sharks: The last 3 game collapse

J0e Th0rnton

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A lot of focus is being pushed on Thornton/Marleau, as usual, but Pavelski, Couture and Burns also had a pretty no-show last 3 games, as did Dan Boyle. Doug Wilson's words 2 weeks later seem ominous.


I wanted to take a look at some stats for the last 3 games.


before, here is the list of injuries Doug Wilson released.

Brent Burns - torn thumb ligament

Jason Demers - foot fracture

Tomas Hertl - still recuperating from in-season MCL and PCL surgery

Patrick Marleau - torn wrist ligament, torn oblique

Joe Pavelski - torn labrum (underwent postseason surgery)

Raffi Torres - still recuperating from pre-season ACL surgery (underwent postseason cleanup procedure)

Marc-Edouard Vlasic - upper-body injury, knee injury


I found it strange Couture and Thornton's injuries were not listed. Couture and Torres openly stated they were not 100%. In fact, Torres was getting shots between periods and Couture was still recovering from his previous injury and both said so. Thornton of course, had a wrist injury that had him wearing a black brace and favoring it all playoffs, but for some reason, it was not disclosed. I wonder if DW just mixed up their names. it was a long call.



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 I think the whole roster is going to be put under the microscope, to see who might have been coasting or taking things for granted....or just flat out choking in game #7. I didn't see much of this whole series, a few periods here and there, but I did feel really bad for you, and Sharks fans in general. You guys have been through a lot of trials and tribulations as fans, I'd love to see you guys make the finals and take care of business, as long as my Flyers are not involved.

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I did a little microscoping of the last 3 games of the star players and centers(Just to see who was losing faceoffs).


Thornton 25-37 67.5% 5 shots on goal

Marleau 0-7 0% 7 shots on goal

Pavelski 26-57 45.5% 12 shots on goal (11 of those shots came in game 7)

Couture 21-46 45.5% 7 shots on goal

Sheppard 10-18 55.5%

Desjardins 9-19 47.5%

Boyle 5 shots on goal


Time on ice:

Game 5:

Pavelski: 19:30 TOT, 12:15ES, 4:40PP, 2:35SH

Marleau: 18:23  TOT, 11:56ES, 4:31PP, 1:56SH

Thornton: 18:45 TOT, 13:19ES, 5:06PP, 0:20SH

Couture: 17:55 TOT, 12:21ES, 3:57PP, 1:37SH

Burns: 16:26 TOT, 11:59ES, 4:27PP, 0:00SH


Game 6:

Pavelski: 18:10 TOT, 12:49ES, 3:40PP, 1:41SH

Marleau: 18:20 TOT, 12:56ES, 3:04PP, 2:20SH

Thornton: 18:00 TOT, 13:58ES, 4:02PP, 0:00SH

Couture: 18:10 TOT, 14:01ES, 2:39PP, 1:30SH

Burns: 14:14 TOT, 12:11ES, 2:03PP, 0:00SH


Game 7:

Pavelski: 23:27 TOT, 14:38ES, 7:42PP, 1:07SH

Marleau: 20:06 TOT, 11:29ES, 6:40PP, 1:57SH

Thornton: 20:02 TOT, 11:38ES, 7:41PP, 0:43SH

Couture: 18:33 TOT, 12:45ES, 4:30PP, 1:18SH

Burns: 19:43 TOT, 13:00ES, 6:34PP,  0.09SH



All the guys with time on ice went, well, 0 points in the last 3 games total soooooo. Burns was in the doghouse in game 6


Man I screamed at the TV at Boyle on every PP. he would recieve a perfect saucer pass from Jumbo Joe and then hesistate just long enough for the shooting lane to close. Demers and his fakeshot/Pass was not much better. Thornton was not shooting much, so they just focused on blocking his lanes, and it worked(Gddamn it joe, keep em honest and shoot occasionally). Marleau did the same damn thing every PP too. Always just passed it to Thornton. Burns was not going to the net like before, and Pavelski and Couture was just ineffective. 0-16 on the PP. good grief.


TMac with home ice advantage kept letting LA control the matchups at ES. WHYYYY?????


Right now, I am reading Roenick's book and BOY does he ever blast Marleau in that book. Apparently, after he retired some sharks would text him pissed about Marleau's lack of care or effort. Ironically, he praises Joe Thornton in the same book.

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