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Carey Price done for the conference finals


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Stick a fork in them, they are done.

Montreal has lost Carey Price for the rest of the conference finals (or longer if by some miracle Peter Bedaj channels his inner Ken Dryden. Yeah, right.)

The injury occurred when Kris Kreider ran into Price into the crease in the second period of the blowout loss to the Rangers in game 1.

Kreider has been vilified since the incident in Montreal and Branden Prust is likely to do a bit of headhunting of his own going forward. Essentially, whether you believe Kreider intended to injure Price or not, it was a borderline play and while I believe this puts an end to any hopes that Montreal might have had it will make for a spirited nasty series going forward. Must see TV.

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Twitter feeds seem to suggest former Tampa Bay Lightning farmhand Dustin Tokarski may get the start instead of Peter Budaj.


And if Tokarski starts, and the shows in any way, bits of why the Bolts once looked at him as their future goaltender, then the Habs may be more competitive than ppl think.


Budaj is a known quantity at the NHL level (serviceable, yet unspectacular...most likely NOT up to bailing out the Habs like Price has done in previous rounds when they give up monstrous scoring chances to the opposition), while Tokarski, is the unknown quantity, but has showcased he can be a top level goalie at the AHL level (he was on the Calder winning team in Norfolk two seasons ago), AND he did play some goal at the NHL level for the Lightning at a time when the Bolts defense was pretty much non existent.


Not saying Tokarski = Canadiens' problems solved, but if the Habs are even seriously considering this, it is telling on the confidence they have in Budaj to help beat the Rangers, AND the possibility that Tokarski can match the kind of play that had people looking at him as a future NHL regular goaltender.


Obviously, if you have Carey Price, you go with him, but since they don't, I think I would go Tokarski over Budaj.

Habs may end up flopping the rest of the series anyway, but I'd rather do it with a better than average chance (Tokarski) than a likely NO chance in Budaj minding the net.

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@Lindbergh31  I find the Habs fans that are over 50 to be the most arrogant. Those are the guys who vividly remember the glory years of the 70's. They had the best defense ever with the Big 3, and rarely miss a chance to remind others of it. At least the younger fans don't rub it in your face as much. They know what the history books read, but having missed out on 4 Cups in a row leaves for a touch of humility.

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