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Mic'd up players

J0e Th0rnton

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I LOVE these mic'd up inside looks.


Of course, my real concern when it came to players knowing they'd be mic'd is that they would act unnaturally and say or do things "for the cameras and audio".

But this seemed real genuine.


Just goes to show, that most hockey players are only really mortal enemies ON the ice and perfectly fine (again, usually) with each other off the ice.

Most of the "Player A hates Player B's guts" or "Player Z wants to KILL Player Y" stuff is for the fans and media. No doubt some players really don't like each other, but I suspect that is the exception rather than the norm.


As for Bergeron and the officials, hey, THOSE are the sorts of things that, to me, make a really good on-ice captain. A guy who can talk to an official like that, sort of 'soft soap' the guy, if you will, and maybe next time around, get a call favorably for his team.

I don't think anyone ever questioned a guy Patrice Bergeron's leadership skills and that little insight between he and the official is a pretty good example.


Zdeno Chara may be the one wearing the'C', and not taking anything away from him, but it would not surprise me at all if the locker room looked more towards a guy like Bergeron as the team's REAL leader on and off the ice.


Good stuff!   :)

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