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Meltzer's Musings: Perlini, Virtanen, Drafting Wingers, Quick Hits


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Yet another interesting article from Meltzer.


This quote is very telling.....


"In my opinion, a team needs to be decisive and then stick to it in order to allow a fair chance for the player to settle in to his new position. Changing it up again after three games isn't a reasonable sample size to determine if the arrangement can work."


Absolutely agree with this.  This is one are I really hope is addressed next season.  They really need to stop the constantly switching of players.  Just my opinion.


Take the article for what is worth.......




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 Yesterday Meltzers article was titled "Timonen, Perlini, Quick Hits". I read it twice, then looked through it again trying to find his reference to Perlini. Nothing.


 If he falls to us you'd have to consider him. I'm not a big fan of his game cause he plays a little soft, but skill he has.

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Interesting take. I think Meltzer is generally on point in most of what he says. I like "day in history" part. 


I think the most important thing he said is youth versus veteran in effecting a position switch. On that score, moving VLC to wing can be seen as an act of desperation.


Peace to all as we approach the start of summer...and the draft.



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Interesting statement by Bill and I agree...  Some line consistency would be nice and allow the players to gel a bit.  The only problem I see is with VLC - he alone almost demands line tinkering b/c he needs to be slotted as a Center.  And since we like to roster 15 centers it only makes the job that much more difficult.


I for one am excited for the draft to see what Hexy has up his sleeve.  Does he take the best player available despite the postion, does he make a move at the draft, etc...


Are there any forwards in this draft that could have an immediate impact?

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