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Some 2014 Playoff Viewership Stats


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2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs as second-most watched since 2006 -  and fourth most watched since 1994.



Fifth most watched Cup Final since 1994


2013: Chicago/Boston, 6 games (5.753 million)

1997: Detroit/Philly, 4 games (5.289)
2010: Chicago/Philly, 6 games (5.167)
2002: Detroit/Carolina, 5 games (5.113)
2014: New York/Los Angeles, 5 games (5.001)
Top 5 games of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs (minutes watched): (unauthenticated)
June 13 – Game 5: New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings – 11.42 million 
June 7 – Game 2: New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings – 9.02 million 
June 1 – Game 7: Los Angeles Kings @ Chicago Blackhawks – 8.15 million 
June 4 – Game 1: New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings – 6.49 million 
May 28 – Game 5: Los Angeles Kings @ Chicago Blackhawks – 5.49 million *
* best Conference Final game ever
Top 10 markets for Friday night’s Game 5:
Rank Market RTG
1 Los Angeles 12.4
2 New York 10.4
3 Buffalo 9.2
4 Boston 6.3
4 Minneapolis-St. Paul 6.3
6 Pittsburgh 5.5
7 Chicago 5.4
7 Providence 5.4
9 West Palm Beach 5.2
9 Las Vegas 5.2
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I'm shocked more Pittsburgh market than Philly for game 5... You guys are 3 times our size!


Nicer weather in Philly.   :D   


Realistically no real interest in seeing either team lift the cup for a lot of Flyer fans.

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And nice to see Philly making a nice showing for games watched


My question would be is the demographic based on proper jurisdiction or suburbia included? I would venture that there are allot more flyers fans in suburbia v. Philly proper. 


Truthfully, just by seeing this board and comments, I think the majority of Flyers fans checked out.  

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I love to see a city like Buffalo at the top of this list. They're smart hockey fans and need their team to be better. And it's kinda sad that the team that finished dead last in the league had more interest in the playoffs than teams who made the post season. I mean, I was in that boat a few years ago when Montreal missed the playoffs by a catastrophic margin and I watched every playoff game that year. 


Where am I going with this....


The fact of the matter is that as popular as the games were in LA and NY, those two markets are nowhere near the top if the Kings and the Rangers don't play in the final. They are not hockey intensive markets. Can you imagine what the viewership in Buffalo would be like if the Sabres were in the final? You have to consider that those watching from Buffalo were mostly hardcore hockey fans. What if they had the casual fan too? The "fair-weather" fan that's only in it because their team is in it? That RTG could be upwards of 14-15! 


With that being said, the Sabres are nowhere close to that level yet  :lol:

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