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Rangers eulogy


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I love the eulogies written on puck daddy For the teams that get knocked out of they playoffs especially as they are written by fans of teams who hate them most.

The rangers one was written by a Flyers blogger...enjoy!


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Great find @Poulin20!


That was some excellent reading!  Sad part is I wish I could write like that.


"At 6 more years at $6.6 mil, Richards is skyrocketing towards the Brygolovian level of the terrible money atmosphere."



Lol glad you liked it! that guy is good and he usually is picked to write them any time the Flyers eliminate anyone from the playoffs. Sadly we haven't experienced that for the past 2 seasons. He was particularly vicious on this one and I loved every minute of it. The best part is the butthurt Rags fans commenting about it at the bottom even though they know it is meant as a joke.

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