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2014 Bruins Draft Chatter

Brewin Flames

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The 2014 Draft is just 3 days away, and as always i'm excited.


I have always held the draft i high reguards because it is a day that can change the future, fortunes and misfortunes of a franchise.


With the bruins slotted at #25, anyone have any thoughts/comments as to what they might do.


The fact that they were the top team in the NHL last season, 2nd round post season bounce at the hand of the Habs not withstanding, i dont feel that the bruins are in need of a "right now" impact player.


They are able to roll 4 solid lines, and have depth at defense and netminding, esp after the Svedberg deal.


If, i had to gander a guess, i'm betting they go w/defense. Both Chara and Seids are aging, and the infusion of youngers could use some depth. Hamilton will be a pillar for years, but are we sold on Krug, Miller and Bartowski just yet ?


The jury is still out on what we have in Joe Morrow, and although i have faith in our young defense, adding another stud prspect would be alright by me.


Sure would love to see Roland McKeown in Black and Gold, but like i said, this bruins team does not need a ton of retooling, and i will be satisfied with whoever they choose.

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I'd be ok with Milano, but it kills me to think that the bruins got beat by a faster team.

Kessel and speed and finish, as well as Seguin, but both players had maturtity issues and did not fit well in Julien's system, and look what happened after they left, both have been rock stars in Toronto and Dallas respectively.

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Not all sure of the names that would best fit in with the Bruins, but I do know this:


During last season's playoffs the Bruins looked like they had a case of "The Slows".

I know they have some aging vets on the team (well, Thornton is gone...but big Z, while still effective, adds another few pounds of rocks to his skates every year), but I am talking just the team as a whole.


Perhaps it was the speed of the Montreal Canadiens (which is pretty formidable), but then, the Bruins will be dealing with LOTS of really fast teams in their division come next season once again...with many of those like the Wings, Bolts, and Panthers being a bit better as a group than they were last year.


Even though I know the Bruins best hockey is played on the "half court" and rely on tough checking, timely scoring, and great goaltending, I think they may want to draft in ways to help increase their overall team speed.

Nothing in the rule book that says you have to be a slow, plodding team to play good defense like the Bruins usually do after all....

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The Bruins are in the enviable position of being able to draft the 'best available' talent. Depth everywhere, a solid organization who has retooled on the fly, the defense is set up to move on past Chara when he finally calls it a career. Whoever they take, it will not be from being forced to attempt to make a square peg fit a round hole. Great organization.

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