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Mike Johnston to be announced as next head coach


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agree with @Irishjim WHO????  :wacko:  :wacko:


saw in another thread or shoutbox he was a Junior Hockey Coach.  Not sure which team.  Should be interesting.........


This guy! http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/whl-portland-winterhawks-player-benefit-violations-coach-gm-mike-johnston-suspended-team-fined-player-112812


He had no choice but to go pro. Surprised he is jumping the AHL though. But then again, he is supposed to just be a patsy for a year and then its the Babcock show. 

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Just heard the Pens will have a press announcement today and are expected to name Johnston head coach. Stop gap? Outside the box? Interesting...


Very interesting.  I don't hate it.  Don't love it.  More - "OK - different. Let's wait and see."


When his name originally surfaced I had the same reaction as Irishjim - "Who?".  After reading his resume, I feel better. He does have 10 seasons under his belt as an NHL assistant (that's 8 more than Willis Desjardins).  He was coach and GM in Portand which tells me that he is a good talent evaluator.  I hope he gets some input in the draft.  The suspension does stand out but at the end of the day that's a non-issue in the NHL.  It would be like not hiring an NCAA coach because of recruiting violations.


Cautiously optimistic.

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Tocchet as assistant (barf). Will miss him on CSN Philly!

He still lives here in Pittsburgh so not too surprising. I see him quite often at a local Moe's.

PENS: Mike Johnston has been named head coach of the Penguins http://pens.pe/1iwb0Ss Rick Tocchet has been named Assistant Coach http://pens.pe/1lpBDaQ

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